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Infant and Adult Rectal Suppositories

self inserting adult suppository

Suppositories are medicinal preparations that can be inserted into the anus. Usually, they are made of vegetable oil, which encases the medicine. As it dissolved because of the body temperature, the lining of the lower bowel is absorbs the medicine into the bloodstream. Because there are many blood vessels in the rectum, it provides the perfect opportunity for medicine to be applied for those who, for whatever reasons, cannot take medicine in conventional ways.

Most often, the types of medicine used this way are to combat pain and to combat constipation.

Adult Suppository
It is very important to always read the instructions on the package before inserting the suppository. If something is unclear, speak to a doctor or pharmacist about how to use it. The suppository should be firm, and if you find it is very soft, you can put it in the refrigerator for about half an hour or run some icy cold water over it.

Before and after you use this product, you must wash your hands. Remove the medicine from the foil wrapper if it is in one and moisten it with some lukewarm water if needed. Do not, however, use mineral oil or petroleum jelly to lubricate it, as this may reduce the effectiveness of the medicine. Self inserting it can either be done by sitting on the toilet, or by lying on your side with one knee bent slightly. I do recommend the second method. You have to use your finger to insert the medicine as far as possible, with the pointed end first. You must keep in that position for around 20 minutes or so, to give the tablet the chance to dissolve rather than leak back out.

Particularly for those who use the suppository as a laxative, it is very important to not over-use it. This can lead to laxative dependency, meaning they are unable to go to the toilet without the medicine.

Infant Suppository
Again, before using any suppository, it is very important to read and understand the instructions and have any questions answered. The instructions should also clearly indicate how to insert the medicine, which often depends on the age of the child. With toddlers and children, the same technique is used as with adults, whereby the child lies on one side and lifts one knee up. You then lift the buttock and gently insert the medicine as far as possible. With babies, it is generally recommended to lie the baby on their stomach and insert the medicine. It is very important, in this case, to understand the direction in which to push, so as not to cause any distress or pain to the child. A suppository for babies is generally much smaller than suppositories for kids.

Useful Advice for Rectal Suppositories
There are a number of things to know about suppositories. This includes:
• It is normal for some leakage to come from the rectum. For this reason, most people will insert them before bed time and placing a pad in their underwear. However, you must follow the doctor’s directions in terms of when to use the medicine.
• Your medicine should always be stored in a cool dry place, where it is safe from children. Only keep them in the fridge if this is specified on the box.
• All suppositories should be kept out of reach of children and should be disposed of when their sell-by date passes. You should also never give medicines to anyone else.

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