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Increase Your Fertility Naturally

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There are a variety of natural ways to enhance your fertility, and increase the possibility of conceiving. If you’re not ready for medications or treatments, there are natural options that everyone can follow safely. A few key tips can help your odds, and prepare your body for pregnancy.

Calculate your body mass: knowing what your body mass index is can help you increase your likelihood of conceiving. Those with an index higher than twenty five will be at risk of complications during pregnancy, as well as other health concerns. Focus on an index between eighteen and twenty five, to have ideal fertility.

Get tested: many diseases that are transmitted through sexual activity can hinder fertility. Check with an OB/GYN to be sure you’re healthy and prepared for pregnancy.

Stop smoking: there are many reasons why you should stop smoking, and now research is showing decreased fertility can be added to that list. Smoking cigarettes can hinder the menstrual cycle, and even bring about early menopause.

Don’t avoid dairy: full fat dairy products, such as whole milk and cheese can have a positive affect on your fertility. That means you can enjoy your ice cream!

Take your vitamins: the B vitamin is good for many things, and for those trying to conceive, it is even better. Receiving proper nutrition is essential, and supplements can help aid in the possibility of conceiving.

Choose the right products: household cleaning products can have a negative impact on your fertility as well. The chemicals found in the most common brands have been linked to infertility in women, and can seriously affect your chances of conceiving. Check the labels and make sure that certain ethers are not present in your cleaning supplies.

Get your rest: sleeping does wonders for the body, which is why it is essential to get around eight hours every night. Fertility is also affected by lack of sleep, which affects a hormone that can aid in fertility.

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