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Increase Your Brainpower

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We all want to be better at everything we do, and by improving the power of your brain, you can be more efficient, and more successful at everything from every day activities to your biggest goals and dreams. Although nearly all of us have this ambition, few of us have the drive or motivation to completely change our lifestyle and diet to achieve it. This is a sad fact, but true. However, you should be aware of the little things you can do to help increase your brainpower, without completely changing your life. You might even have fun while you do it! Here are some steps you should integrate into your life, and take the time to do them whenever you can.

1) Dance. It may sound silly, but this is a unique “exercise” that really helps several areas of your brain, and demands several things all at once. For example, you need coordination, maybe with the beat, you need judgment, you need organization and planning. All of these skills are happening at once, and you don’t feel like you’re working at all. Similar stimulation can be found in martial arts, both deal with moving your body and keeping composure.

2) Work out. This should be a given, and a part of your daily routine anyway, but for most people this isn’t a truth in their lives. Exercise and physical activity increases blood flow, this is proven to have a positive effect on the memory center of your brain, and helps your body create new cells.

3) Eat eggs. Eggs are a common breakfast food item, and there is a reason why. They are packed with nutrition your brain needs. For example, your brain’s energy source comes from B vitamins, which are most commonly found in eggs. Not to mention antioxidants, and fatty acids for cell protection.

4) Organize. If you have several projects, for example at work, to accomplish, you should tackle only one at a time. Complete the task, then move on. If it takes more than an hour, put it off and handle the smaller projects first. Continuing from one project to the next keeps you alert, and requires different sections of your brain to function.

5) Fruits and Veggies. You should have a balanced diet as apart of your lifestyle, and in addition, you should try to drink several glasses of fruit or vegetable juice every day. A study has shown that those who consumed these drinks several times a day were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease. This is due to the high antioxidant levels in these drinks, which help protect cells from damage. Consider that your brain is eighty percent water, and that it needs fluids to work properly.

6) Laugh Break. Cortisol and epinephrine, a common stress chemical, is lowered with even the anticipation of laughter, which means taking a couple minutes between stressful activities (such as work) to watch a funny video on youtube is great for your mental health. Just don’t get caught and use it as an excuse to your boss!

7) Sleep! It has been scientifically proven that your brain can better solidify memories, facts and details when you are getting good, deep sleep. Without sleep, you will be less likely to remember important facts or details, even if you stayed up all night studying for that test.

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