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How to Treat Crohn’s Disease with Natural Remedies

How to Treat Crohn’s Disease with Natural Remedies post image

The bad thing about Crohn’s Disease is that it doesn’t have a singular documented cause. The good thing about Crohn’s Disease is that there are plenty of ways to remedy these symptoms through the use of natural remedies – such as a maintaining a healthy diet or the use of dietary supplements. If you are a sufferer of Crohn’s Disease, here are a few suggestions to alleviate your suffering.

Monitor your Diet: Although there are no specific diets that will relieve the symptoms of Crohn’s Disease, it would definitely help to be sure you are not causing your digestive system any more stress than it already faces. Stay hydrated – drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Follow a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables and multi-grains. Foods high in fiber are known to help with digestion. See if this works for you.

Limit your intake of meat, salt, and sugar. If certain types of food (such as dairy) irritate you, avoid them, but be sure to fill in the gaps with supplements. Also avoid spicy food, alcohol, and carbonated drinks, as these can irritate your stomach. Flat ginger ale can help settle an upset stomach. Every person’s different. If you discover that a certain food irritates your digestive tract, avoid it! Aim for small, nourishing meals, and never eat right before bed.

Supplements: Many people swear by Aloe Vera supplements, either in the form of pills or liquid. Aloe Vera works by soothing the digestive tract, making digestion a lot easier. There are also enemas made using this herb which are believed to promote healing of the colon.

Another herb used for this purpose is Slippery Elm, which not only coats your gastrointestinal tract and heals damage already done, but also normalizes the consistency of your stool. This could help stop diarrhea and possible blockages.

To stop internal irritation, consider Cayenne, either in the form of cayenne pepper you decorate food with, or in pill form – Capsicum, which can be found at most pharmacies. Using a lot of garlic on your food, or taking garlic pills, can help prevent and fight possible infections. Ginger may be used to help sooth an already upset stomach.

To help aid digestion, consider taking licorice pills before eating. This will make the digestion process much smoother. Certain fatty acids found in fish oil have been found to help prevent irritation. Taking fish oil pills regularly will hopefully keep inflammation down and potentially reduce the occurrence of flares.

Reduce Stress: Stress can be a huge trigger for flares caused by Crohn’s Disease. To avoid this, try to get plenty of rest, sleep, and exercise. Don’t push your body too much. Consider aroma therapy or yoga if it helps calm you down. If you do decide to use aroma therapy, consider using scents from herbs that are known to help your symptoms, such as Aloe Vera. The scent is refreshing and the properties are rejuvenating. Some people say that this is the best way they have found to manage their symptoms.

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