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How to Prepare for Embarrassing Medical Procedures

embarassing medical procedure

Most people would avoid seeing the doctor if they can. This is even truer for particularly embarrassing situations. Unfortunately, embarrassing condition sometimes do have to get checked out. That rash on your privates may just be a reaction to a certain soap, but it may also be a yeast infection that needs treating. Remember that doctors are there to deal with these issues, so try to swallow your pride and go see them if something is wrong. Let’s take a look at some of the most common embarrassing conditions.

Jock Itch
Jock itch starts with a slight itch on the groin area. The itch becomes progressively worse, and you will notice a red blotchy area that may even be crusty or oozy. Take solace in the fact that it is a common condition caused by a certain fungus. Leave it alone and it will spread across your genitals and buttocks and can become more and more problematic.

Bloody Urine or Feces
Most people try to completely ignore the fact that they wee and poo. Hence, when there is some blood or other problem found in there, they tend to keep this to themselves. However, blood in urine and feces can actually indicate very significant problems, including cancer. It can also be something less significant, such as a hemorrhoid, but this will still need treatment. Don’t worry, your doctor will not inspect your bits in the first instance, but rather ask for samples to send to the lab.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Sex is something we don’t like to discuss and particularly not with a doctor. Admitting you are worried about an STD usually means admitting you had sex without protection, which is even more embarrassing. However, if you have any concern that you may have an STD, you must get it checked out, because these illnesses can have very grave consequences, not just for you but also for any sexual partner you may have. There are special STD clinics you could choose to go to, where nothing you will say will embarrass the medical staff.

Objects Stuck where They Should not Be
Most of the time, this happens with children and is not embarrassing. However, even adults have a tendency to be curious and put things in various bodily openings and proceed to get them stuck. Whether you have a straw stuck up your nose, or whether you managed to get your penis stuck inside the opening of an oil barrel, you must get this checkout. These conditions can in fact be deadly and it will have to be a case of swallowing your pride.

Hemorrhoids can be discovered when you found blood in your feces and had it checked out. Unfortunately, it does mean your medical professional will have to inspect the affected area, which can be mortifying. It needs to be done, however, and it is best to remember that there is nothing they haven’t seen before. Simply try to think of something else. If you don’t get hemorrhoids checked, they can become infected, lead to tears, start smelling, cause infections and more.

Unfortunately, we all have to go through at least one embarrassing medical procedure in our lifetime. Try to remember that your body is nothing embarrassing and that doctors have been trained to deal with these situations. Also keep in mind that they are bound by professional confidentiality, so nobody will find out if you happen to be the person that farted while getting your hemorrhoids checked out. You may want to change doctors for further medical procedures if that does happen to you, but they are still not allowed to tell.

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