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How To Make Your Own Sports Drink

What are sports drinks?
Sports drinks are used by athletes to supplement your carbs intake.

When should I drink sports drinks?

You should drink sports drinks immediately after excercise as they allow your body to replace glycogen stores. These are the energy stores your body uses for day to day tasks.

Should you drink sports drinks during the gym?

Sports drinks can be drunk during exercise to help you meet the energy requirements you need. Not having enough energy can lead to exhaustion or illness.

How to make your own Sports Drink


  • 500ml of diluting juice
  • 1litre of water
  • quarter teaspoon of salt

Simply mix all ingredients together and store in the refrigerator.  You can then drink as much as required up to 30 minutes before exercise.  Whether your exercise is a simple walk in the park, or a game of football, it will still have beneficial effects.

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