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How To Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Blood Sugar Level

Blood sugar refers to the amount of the glucose present in the blood of human beings or animals. This blood sugar level is regulated by various metabolic processes of the body. There are two types of metabolic hormones which controls the level of sugar in body. The catabolic hormones (increases the blood sugar) and anabolic hormones (decreases the blood glucose) are those metabolic hormones. Generally glucose forms a constituent of the body and hence after meals the level of blood sugar in the body increases.

Imbalance in the blood sugar level causes hyperglycaemia or hypoglycaemia. If the blood sugar level falls too low then hypoglycaemia develops which makes the person lethargic and causes impaired mental functioning. If the levels rise too high then hyperglycaemia is caused which causes problems in eyes, kidney and nerves. Diabetes mellitus is characterised by the increase in blood sugar level.

Diabetes is categorised into two types. One is caused when the pancreas fails to generate insulin, the hormone which helps in removing blood sugar from the body. The other form of diabetes is developed over a period of time due to the improper response of the cells towards insulin. Both forms of diabetes can be treated medically and there are even several steps which can to taken to regulate the sugar level in the body. Few of them are exercise, intake of food which is low in carbohydrate and herbal supplements.

Sugar is one of the major constituent of the body which provides energy to the body. Exercise is the best way to use up this energy. Survival of the fittest is very true and therefore exercise helps in keeping the body fit and healthy.

Eating healthy and a low carbohydrate diet make a major difference to the blood sugar level in the body. Curb the excessive intake of processed and sugary food, which would increase the level. Carbohydrates are water soluble and are quickly absorbed by the bloodstream in the form of sugar. White flour or bread, sugar and foods rich in its carbohydrate content should be avoided. Plan a diet whose major constituent should be whole grains, fruits, green vegetables and proteins.

Natural ways to cure the increased level of blood sugar is the best way since it has no side effects. It is believed that cinnamon tea helps in lowering the sugar level. The white sugar intake should be curbed and instead of that any natural sweetener can be used. Garlic and onions contain a chemical which makes the pancreas secrete insulin and thereby the blood sugar level can be regulated.  Chewing a clove is also preferable in such a case.

The easiest way to handle this is to just laugh. Yes, it is true! Laughing regulates the sugar level. A recent study in Japan states that when we laugh, a chemical is secreted which acts a substitute for blood sugar.  Adding to this, relaxation is a good way to lower sugar level. According to certain studies relaxation reduces the chances of increasing the level of blood sugar while stress increases it.

A diabetic person has to keep a check on his blood sugar level periodically and extra precautions have to be taken. If you just follow certain eating rules, you will be able to manage your blood sugar level. So why curb the temptation of yummy delicious food every time, be wise enough to keep a check on your blood sugar level. Live sensibly, stay happy!

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