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How to Handle a Foreign Body in the Eye

Foreign body in the eye

Any foreign body in the eye causes if not eye pain at least some sort of discomfort. Foreign matter may include all kinds of objects and debris, including dust, sand, powder, eyelashes or insects. A foreign object in the eye can get either stuck on the surface of the eyeball, or it can get trapped beneath the eyelid, causing an uncomfortable pain in the eye.

A foreign body in the eye doesn’t necessarily cause any problems that you should be concerned about, however, a foreign object in the eye may be one that has penetrated into the deeper layers of the eye, an intraocular foreign body requiring immediate attention from a medical doctor specialized in eye care and surgery.

A foreign body in the eye must be handled according to the severity of the situation, hence a tiny particle causing eye pain does not need the evaluation of an ophthalmologist, but if you feel there might be significant damage aside from the pain in eye, you are ought to seek the help of a specialist. A foreign body in eye that is nothing more than a superficial occurrence can be easily eliminated by the natural defense mechanism of the eye. Through repeated blinking and eye watering, a foreign object in the eye is most likely to be flushed out. The removal of the foreign matter causing eye pain, redness, the need for scratching and tearing can be also achieved by using gentle eye drops specifically designed for cleaning the eye.

When it comes to eye problems and pain in the eye there are several situations in which the individual should seek immediate medical attention. If the foreign body in the eye is a penetrative object, such as a metal particle, if the foreign body cannot be removed after multiple attempts, if upon elimination the sensation of eye pain, discomfort, blurred vision still lingers, if you’re bleeding from the eye or in the area around it or if you have a clear or bloody fluid coming out your eyeball do not hesitate in requesting care from a specialist since these eye problems can lead to severe complications including permanent eye damage and the loss of sight. Complications caused by any disturbing eye contact with various foreign objects include infection and scarring, corneal scratches or abrasions, ulcers, penetration of the eye and conjunctivitis.

The way a doctor will handle the problem in order to assess the severity of the situation and decide upon the proper treatment is by using special eye drops containing a dye that glows as the eyes are faced with the lighting ray of a cobalt lamp. This makes the surface of the eyes more visible, revealing any signs of abrasions in case such occurred.

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    washing your face with a clean water always work..

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