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How To Get A Tattoo And Stay Healthy

tattoo artist in action

Once upon a time, tattoos were things sailors had, and perhaps construction workers. Now, however, tattoos are more of a fashion statement and anybody can have them. There are beautiful designs, including realistic designs, dot designs and even glow in the dark designs and there no longer is a stigma attached to having tattoos. However, getting a tattoo does mean you have to know what you are doing, not just in terms of getting a beautiful tattoo, but also in terms of getting a healthy tattoo. Let’s take a look.

Choosing a Designer
The first thing you have to do is find a good tattoo designer. One thing you will find if you have used multiple tattoo artists is that they all know each other, and none of them has a good word to say about the other. They won’t like their style, they won’t like the colors they use, they won’t like their attitude or personality and so on. Hence, when you speak to an artist, the only one they think is any good is themselves. Hence, the best place to get advice on which designer to go to is someone that has been recommended to you by someone you know, who has a tattoo that you like.

Health Risks of Tattoos
There are two main health risks with tattoos:
• Blood borne diseases (mainly HIV and Hepatitis)
• Infections

In order to prevent this, you should firstly only work with a registered tattoo artist, so you know that they sterilize all their equipment. Good tattoo artists will also ask you to complete a health questionnaire, which is a good indicator that they are the real deal. Good artists will also show you which ink they use, and you can always go online to check whether this is healthy tattoo ink.

In terms of infections, it is all about understanding how healthy tattoo healing works. First of all, when you leave the tattooist, they will have put some Vaseline and cling film on your tattoo. As soon as you get home, you should remove both, washing your tattoo with warm water (no soap). After this, the best thing to apply to your tattoo is Bepanthen or another nappy rash cream. Do not use Vaseline, as this has the potential to make the colors bleed or even fade. You also shouldn’t cover your tattoo with cling film again, because it should have stopped bleeding by this point, so no longer needs that.

You should ensure your tattoo is not exposed to bright sunlight for at least six weeks as well. Sun light can make your tattoo fade quite rapidly. Although this will not cause any infections, it would be a waste of a beautiful design.

As your tattoo starts to heal, it will become very itchy and crusty. Do not, under any circumstances, pick these crusts off. This will remove the ink from your skin and it can lead to quite serious infections. Furthermore, because you may create scar tissue, it is possible that your tattoo will never look right.

Last but not least, do not soak your tattoo in water for the first few weeks of having it. If you have a shower or bath, try to only wet your tattoo for a minimal amount of time. Staying away from water will ensure that your tattoo won’t fade away. This is why people who have their hands tattooed will be happy about the fact that they cannot do the dishes for a while!

Always remember that tattoos are highly addictive and once you have your first, it is likely that you will start to have more and more. However, make sure that you spend a little bit more when you get one and continue to stay healthy once you walk away from the tattooing room.

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