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How To Eliminate Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Eliminate dark cricles under eyes

If you have dark circles or shadows under your eyes, you’re not suffering from a deficiency of makeup. You’re in need, instead, of natural remedies and a healthier lifestyle. Rather than subject yourself to chemical peels, laser therapy or the other dermatological treatments prescribed for under eye circles, why not try natural remedies that can have optimum results with no side effects?

Natural Therapies…and Causative Factors
People who have used chamomile and Vitamin E have discovered that these natural therapies can decrease the severity of dark under-eye circles. In addition, a good rotation diet under the supervision of a physician will work wonders.

What sort of doctor should you choose? Homeopaths are familiar with a whole mind-body, or holistic, approach to symptoms such as under eye circles, but an allopath will also do. Find one that is open to the idea of identifying and eliminating causative foods.

To begin with, examine your diet. Chances are that you are allergic to a food or a drink – even to an airborne element. Common allergens include dairy and excessive sugar. Dark circles under the eyes are a sign that your liver or kidneys are carrying a toxic load.

You’ve heard of eyes being referred to as “windows to your soul”? Well, think of your dark under eye circles as “windows to your filtration system”. Dark circles can also indicate something as simple as a lack of sleep, so be sure to get enough so that you feel refreshed upon awakening.

Stress is another cause. Too much sun can also cause under eye circles. One additional cause is bone structure: persons with deep set eyes sometimes appear to have shadows under their eyes. An overproduction of melanin can also cause dark shadows under the eyes. In most cases, proper lifestyle changes will dramatically diminish under eye circles.

Eating a diet rich in Vitamin K and iron, in addition to doing away with processed or greasy foods, will go a long way towards eliminating under eye circles. If you follow a regimen recommended for the prevention of oily breakouts or acne, you will benefit the skin on the face overall – including the under eye area. Here is a holistic protocol for facial care:
1. Consume plenty of fiber, to allow for regular bowel movements. (Complex carbohydrates will do the trick.)

2. Eat plenty of fresh fruits.

3. Either eat your vegetables raw (when they can be thus consumed, and digested easily) or sauté or lightly cook your vegetables. Make sure you get plenty of greens, as they are known to clean out the toxins in the bloodstream.

4. Eat a couple of servings of broiled fish a week, for their essential fatty acids.

5. Invest in a juicer, and juice raw fruits and vegetables. (You should blanch broccoli. You may juice all other produce in their raw state.)

6. Avoid fried foods, butter, cheeses, whole milk, ice cream, rich salad dressings, chocolate, fatty meats, coffee, sweets and processed nut products.

Cosmetic Use
Do not leave under-eye creams or oils (or any moisturizer) on the skin underneath your eyes for any length of time. The skin in that area is thin and might sag with the added weight. If you do use any under eye concealers, try to get products that are enriched with Vitamins C or E.

Vitamin C, especially, is involved in collagen production. Collagen protein accounts for up to 75% of the weight of the dermis and is responsible for the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

After washing your face at night, apply a light moisturizer to help keep our skin hydrated. Safflower or olive oil work wonderfully; just don’t forget to blot the excess oil with a tissue (or allow the oil to be absorbed) before slipping on your pajamas, so as not to stain the material.

Under-eye Exercises
Try palpating the area around your eyes lightly. Using the tips of your fingers, make fluttering motions with your fingers and lightly graze the area. This will rev up circulation and “smooth out” little creases.

Internal Hydration
You will want to drink at least eight (8) glasses of quality water per day. This will help eliminate dehydration, one of the main causes of dark under eye circles – as well as puffiness under the eyes.

Stay Active
Be sure to get some exercise each and every day. This will improve your overall health and vigor. A balanced homeostasis – the ability to maintain internal equilibrium – will be visible on your face.

In a Rush? Apply Cucumber Juice
Finally, applying cucumber juice on a cotton pad will help you with its mild bleaching properties. It is also soothing and cooling. However, this is only a temporary solution and should be followed up with a good lifestyle, as described above.

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  • Jenny June 29, 2011, 1:50 pm

    I know I eat too much sugar, I have such a sweet tooth. I also have wheat and dairy intolerances, so this article is spot on. The hard part is applying it.

  • irene freeman July 23, 2011, 12:51 am

    THANKS OR YOUR ADVICE -i do like sugar but now i shall try a raw diet fruit and salads

  • Demo March 28, 2012, 2:03 am

    that’s all awesome i will try it.

  • joe January 31, 2014, 8:01 pm

    “Homeopaths” have nothing to do with being “holistic.” This is a common fallacy (maybe because the words sound similar). And no offense, but while most of these things are great health advice in general, few if any have been proven to have any significant effects on dark circles under the eyes.

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