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How To Cure Online Poker Addiction!

addict playing online poker

A lot of people enjoy gambling. It is certainly true that, if done responsibly, it can be a lot of fun and a bit of excitement. However, gambling is addictive and it is actually one of the main reasons for both divorce and suicide. Once someone becomes a compulsive gambler and has a real poker addiction, they will think of nothing but the world of gambling anymore.

The Problem with Addictions
Addictions stop people from making appropriate decisions. It doesn’t matter whether you have a poker addiction, a heroin addiction or a sex addiction, the need to fulfill that addiction overrides all other decision making factors. You lose touch with reality and become nothing but a puppet in your own world of fantasy and imagination. Unfortunately, both old and young are able to become addicted to poker and need help.

Technological Advancement
As technology has advanced, we are now able to do anything online, including gambling. There are various virtual casinos and games rooms. Now, this has advanced even further, and people are even able to gamble on their mobile device. Research has shown that the popularity of these mobile online game rooms is becoming higher and higher, which is a worrying statistic, particularly since it has also made the online poker vice worse.

The Development of an Addiction
When people first start playing online poker, nothing really significant will happen. They will tend to lose some and win some, which will barely affect life in general. However, at some point, big money will be lost. People then become obsessed with earning this money back, which can lead to stealing from their family and others. It is not uncommon for serious gambling addicts to lose the roof over their heads, which obviously affects not just them but also their family. We know that divorce rates because of this have gone through the roof, but also that it leads to depression and even suicide. Rates of suicide amongst gambling addicts are incredibly high.

How to Get Rid of Poker Addiction
A poker addict has to get help in order to once again have a firm grip on reality. Various treatment options are available, but it all starts with recognizing that you have a problem. Once this step has been taken, it is about identifying which type of treatment works best for you. A lot of people find hypnosis very beneficial, but other options include counseling and group therapy. All of these rehab programs have been designed specifically for gambling addicts and are known to be highly effective.

Hypnosis is one of the most effective methods of treating a gambling addiction, not in the least because you can also learn self-hypnosis.

Some Things to Remember
An addiction is a lifelong condition. You cannot have a gambling addiction and at any point in life return to responsible gambling. As such, you cannot cure poker addiction. However, an addiction can be controlled through your own actions. Achieving this will allow you to:
• Live in a world full of trusting relationships.
• Live in a world where you do not lie or deceive those you care about.
• Live in a world where you have options for a brighter and better future.
• Live in a world where you actually have some money to spend.

Thinking about this will help you to focus on your recovery and work at improving your life. It is about embracing the future, rather than crying over the past. You can take control of your actions, so long as you do it now and move away from your poker gambling addiction.

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