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How to Avoid Back Pain

back pain

Causes of Back Pain
Most people are very familiar with how back pain can disrupt daily routines. In fact, severe back pain does not only cause discomfort, it can also hamper a person from doing basic daily tasks such as walking or sitting upright. Truly, nothing more can be a nuisance than having a back that commonly experiences back pain. But what exactly is back pain, and why does it occur? What are the types of back pain?

Are there known treatments and remedies that can be done by sufferers? And are there effective tricks for back pain prevention? Read this article and you will know everything about light to severe back pain.

Upper, Middle, and Lower Back Pain
Reported cases of severe back pain are known to cause three pain types: upper back pain, middle back pain, and lower back pain. Although these pains occur in different places, back pain causes are generally the same. Brittle bones that are deficient in calcium can easily suffer bone breakage. Arthritis can also cause back discomfort. Musco-skeletal conditions such as scoliosis are also known to be a cause. All in all, back pain is not like muscle pain wherein swelling or tired nerves give you a painful sensation. There are underlying factors such as muscle stress, weak bones, and pinched nerves that can all cause the pain most of us are familiar with.

The best tip for back pain prevention is to build a strong, healthy back. Make sure to get enough calcium for your bones so you will not be bothered by osteoporosis when you age. You also have to work on your posture to discourage the development of musco-skeletal conditions. Regular stretching and exercises are also required to build strong muscles that can easily support your back. Remember to do all these exercises for back pain and you will surely not suffer any back pain at all.

Remedies and Treatments
If the cause of back pain is merely muscle stress, a change in posture and stretching can help. However, if there is an underlying musco-skeletal condition, you may need to use a back brace while following a workout that can help strengthen your back. If you are a sufferer of worse conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis, back pain treatment is more complex. You need to work on your treatment plan with your doctor because the best way to relieve back pain with these causes is on a case-to-case basis.

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