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How Liposuction Fits into Wedding Planning

bride measuring waist size

Weddings are so stressful, and there are so many things to think about. On top of arranging the venues, caterers, guests, and decorations, a bride is often concerned with how she’ll look on the big day. Many women are longing to look their absolute best; an optimal version of themselves. In most cases the extra pounds are preventing ladies from fitting the perfect wedding dress. In the US, liposuction is a popular solution that many different women turn to. Here is how to fit this cosmetic procedure into your wedding planning, in case you don’t have the time to follow a diet and fitness routine to shed the extra weight.

When to Go in For Lipo
Thanks to some of the most advanced techniques and technological resources, modern liposuction is fast-paced, intuitive, and streamlined. This means that clients are able to get in and out in less time than ever before, and recovery times have been decreased to just a couple of days. This is great news for brides who are on a time crunch or are worried about scheduling a lipo appointment before their wedding. After a consultation, you just need to have a pre-procedure meeting about a month prior to the lipo to get bloodwork and measurements taken. The actual liposuction takes less than one hour and within a day you may return to most normal activities. After about two weeks, life is back in full swing.

Fitting it All Together
Now that you know the timetable for pre-, during, and post-lipo, you can plan accordingly. Since many weddings are planned a year or more in advance, most brides have ample time to schedule a consultation and appointment with a liposuction clinic. It is a good idea to have the procedure done prior to choosing a dress so that you can ensure the best fit possible. A few days after the lipo, clients will wear compression clothing to optimize results. Naturally, a nutritious and healthy diet will not only speed recovery, it will help improve appearance and self-confidence. A truly holistic approach to your body, mind, and soul will help you to stave off the pre-wedding jitters as well as any worries you have about the lipo.

Staying True to Yourself
Liposuction is one of the hottest procedures for brides-to-be. That being said, you should only undergo the process if you feel that it is your best course of action. It is true that doctors are well-equipped, knowledgeable, and interested in helping women look and feel fabulous. Yet if you have your reservations, just bring them to your consultation appointment to have your questions answered and your concerns put at ease. You know yourself best, so never succumb to pressure you feel from others or doctors. Remember that fitness and balanced eating can help you lose the love handles in a natural and healthy way. So, if it’s possible think twice before choosing surgery over natural weight loss.

If you do decide to opt for the “easy” way when it comes to remodeling your body, inform yourself as best as possible before choosing the health center. Use social media websites, surf the web and read about the most appreciated clinics that perform this medical procedure. San Diego liposuction clinics are famous for doing a good job, but I’m sure that you can find a lot of similar places across the country, to suit your needs.

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