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How Dangerous Is Cocaine Addiction?

cocaine addiction before and after

Cocaine addiction is a huge problem around the world. Both crack cocaine and powdered cocaine are regularly used. But just how dangerous is a cocaine addiction? And how easy is it to get addicted? Some people think a cocaine addiction – at least a powdered cocaine addiction – is purely psychosomatic, but it seems this is not entirely true. Let’s take a look and learn the important facts that you need to know about “powder”, “snow”, “crack”, just a few nicknames for cocaine.

Why Do You Become Addicted to Cocaine?
Cocaine has instant effects. Cocaine effects are incredibly pleasurable, but it doesn’t last long. The euphoria that comes from both powdered and crack cocaine is very, very intense, but so short lived that people quickly want to have some more. Cocaine also makes you feel a lot more energetic. Cocaine works in a similar way as what caffeine does, with some of the effects of cocaine being that it makes you more wakeful and less hungry. A feeling of grandiosity also often accompanies it, as well as well-being, restlessness and some anxiety. One of the hardest things about cocaine, however, is the comedown. Here, users feel depressed and literally “crash”, feeling lethargic and tired.

How Serious Is Cocaine Addiction?
It is very easy to become addicted to cocaine, because it is normal to use quite great quantities of it, just to put off the comedown and extend the feelings of euphoria. Breaking a cocaine habit is very difficult. The drug has been tested on animals and it has been proven that animals on cocaine work incredibly hard. It also showed that once they had tried cocaine, they would choose it over water or food. Even if they are punished for their cocaine abuse, they will continue to do so. With humans, the situation is very similar. People will do everything they can to get hold of more cocaine, even if it hurts their personal lives.

Other Problems Caused by Cocaine Addiction
Those who attend cocaine rehab centers often report feelings of extreme depression and anxiety and this regularly lasts for a number of weeks. The depression that follows can be so strong that people fail to stay off the drug. Instead, people will choose to use more cocaine so they no longer feel depressed. It seems, therefore that cocaine addiction is actually a psychosomatic addiction. This is true in the form of powdered cocaine. Crack cocaine, which is cocaine of terrible quality that has been mixed with a number of other products, causes people to become physically addicted too. So what is the difference? What is cocaine and what are the symptoms of addiction?

What Is Cocaine?
Cocaine is extracted from the South American coca bushes. The extract is then chemically processed and this creates crack cocaine, cocaine hydrochloride (powdered cocaine) and freebase. It generally looks like a white crystalline powder, or an entire white crystalline rock. One of the most important cocaine facts is that the extract is processed without the use of any exact measurements, meaning that you never know just what you will get, particularly once it has been passed from dealer to dealer.

Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction
Cocaine addiction manifests itself in different ways, but cocaine withdrawal is usually not as physically painful as heroin or crystal meth withdrawal. The bigger issue is that people who are addicted to cocaine have bad sleeping patterns and eating patterns. So, they are often highly on edge and they are very thin. Because of poor nutrition and because of the poor quality of cocaine that they consume, they also start to develop skin problems and they lose their teeth, which are common cocaine side effects.The physical addiction to cocaine is quite easy to break. The body doesn’t crave cocaine very much leaving few cocaine addiction symptoms in place, but the mind certainly does. The depression that results from the cocaine comedown can last for several weeks and this is the hardest of all to beat. In order to beat a cocaine addiction, people will have to work their way through the depression, generally by going through targeted cocaine treatment.

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