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How And When To Opt For Human Growth Hormone Therapy

testing for hgh deficiency

Synthetic human growth hormone is available since 1985 and can be prescribed to children as well as adults. HGH is approved for babies that are born to small for their gestational age. Kids and teenagers receive it in case of abnormal growth patterns that lead to short stature, when compared to the age-by-age growth chart issued by the World Health Organisation. Rare forms of pituitary tumors, which hamper the normal production of HGH, short bowel syndrome and a HIV related disease that causes muscle loss are health conditions that are alleviated with the help of growth hormone prescription.

All illnesses described above have the FDA’s approval for growth hormone therapy usage, along with treatments for Chronic kidney disease, Turner’s syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome. However, there are also cases when HGH therapy is prescribed for middle-aged and elderly people. It’s a researched fact that as we age, the production of human growth hormone decreases. Adult onset of HGH deficiency is considered to be quite rare though. The signs and symptoms are represented by a lack of energy, a decreased lust of life, sexual inactivity, depression and a general state of unhappiness.

The best way to check if you suffer from growth hormone deficiency is with the help of medical testing. Although you would imagine that finding out the HGH levels produced by your body is achieved with a simple blood test, you’ll be surprised to know that the procedure isn’t routine. That’s because hormone levels fluctuate during a day and pooling the amounts at a specific time is not relevant. Instead, medical specialist test your body’s capacity to produce growth hormone. HGH stimulation tests bring a specific serum in your bloodstream, that has the role to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone. After this, a series of blood samples are taken and analyzed in the lab, allowing the doctors to determine whether you need HGH therapy or not. You can find out more info here.

If you’re diagnosed with a HGH problem, you’ll be entitled to get a prescription and qualify for treatment. That’s the only way to receive legal HGH shots. Be aware that there are several HGH sources online and offline that claim to provide treatments without prescription. Stay away from them, because taking HGH without medical advice can bring serious health consequences. Healthy people that opt to ingest it in an attempt to enhance their physical performances, will only hamper natural growth hormone production.

Fact: Artificial growth hormone is efficient only when prescribed under the form of intramuscular or subcutaneous injections. Other options that might include pills, drops or sprays aren’t capable to bring the HGH in your blood stream.

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