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Home Remedies For Leg Muscle Cramps

man suffering from calf cramp

Being struck by a muscle cramp during your daily workout, or normal routine is not pleasant at all. Not to mention, the terrible pain that one experiences if spasms occur during sleep, when muscles are at rest and not warmed-up at all. Leg muscle cramps and more precisely the calf one are most common and painful. If they’re recurring, they’re usually caused by body dehydration, or by lack of vitamins and minerals like potassium and magnesium. If you already experienced nighttime calf cramps, which cause such intense pain that petrify any sufferer in his bedroom for at least a few seconds, this article is for you. Continue reading about a great home remedy that solves leg muscle cramps issues within 14 days.

This leg cramp healing tip has been provided to me by a good friend that worked in the military and had to march for weeks with a heavy gear, on a rough terrain. The remedy consist in lubricating your feet with lemon juice. Yep, you heard it right! Simply rub your soles with with lemon juice and wait for it to dry out. Don’t walk or put socks on while the light yellow liquid is penetrating your skin.

How Lemon Juice Stops Cramps
– For this treatment to be efficient you need to apply it twice a day, every morning and every evening for 14 days.
– While following this remedy avoid washing your legs with soap, shower gel or any other chemical substance.
– Wash them with normal warm water and dry your feet completely, before applying socks, even 7 days after the two treatment weeks.
– For additional efficiency, during treatment and before going to sleep massage your calf or thigh muscles exactly in the region where the cramp usually occurs. Use horse chestnut milk as massage lotion.

Lemon Juice Remedy Tips
– Simply, purchase some lemons (not limes) and squeeze them to obtain their juice. I usually squeeze three lemons at a time and store the juice, in the fridge, using an airtight glass bottle;
– With the help of a syringe extract 0.7 oz (20 ml) of lemon juice from the bottle and place it in a cup;
– Use an absorbent cotton napkin, which I soak it in the juice;
– Rub both feet twice until the entire lemon juice from the cup is applied;
– Wait for around 15 minutes until the liquid penetrates your skin and your soles are completely dry;
– Repeat this process every morning and every evening for 14 days!

Horse Chestnut Milk Recipe
You can make your own horse chestnut milk by getting hold of chestnuts. Cut each chestnut in half and mince them. Until you obtain around 68 oz (2 liters) of composition. Place the composition in glass bottles and add 6.8 oz (200 ml) of apple cider vinegar to each 34 oz (1 liter) of minced chestnuts. Store it for 15 days and remember to shake the bottles 2 or 3 times each day. The end product should have the same color as milk. Strain the composition and let it decant for a few more days, before straining it again to obtain the horse chestnut milk. This homemade product has great health benefits for rheumatism sufferers and improves peripheral circulation. Combine it with the lemon juice treatment and you will never experience leg cramps ever again!

Cutaneous Lemon Juice Remedies
Following this home remedy for leg muscle cramps also brings some additional health benefits. The lemon juice together with a pumice helps you get rid of any cracked feet problem. The same juice has a great effect on leg odor, preventing stinky feet, maintaining you feet fresh and clean. I followed this home remedy 5 years ago and never experience any other leg cramp and I’m a highly active individual! If you wish to read more about le

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  • Denise January 31, 2017, 5:44 am

    my muscle spasms are on my right side rib area and right back under shoulder and to lower back. How do I stop the painful spasms!

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