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Heartburn Herbal Remedies

If you suffer from heartburn, you will want to have some natural herbal remedies on hand ready in case it returns. Untreated, chronic heartburn can cause inflammation and burns on the esophagus. Try different remedies to see which is the most effective for you.

Your favorite health food store or vitamin shop will have ready-made antacids made with natural ingredients and herbs available. You can also make your own remedies. Reducing stress will help the effectiveness of any heartburn remedies.

These herbs are used to treat heartburn.

  • Gingerroot-it appears to not only absorb the acid it the stomach but has a calming effect. Stress and worry are well known triggers for heartburn. It is available in capsule or tea. Start with a single dose and increase as needed.
  • Bitters-the combination of gentian root, wormwood, and golden seal. It can be taken in capsule form or liquid. Many bartenders have mixed it with a small glass of soda water to ease a customer’s stomach discomfort. It’s fast acting.
  • Catnip, fennel, and other aromatic herbs-sometimes effectively relieve heartburn when used in aromatherapy.
  • Irish moss, plantain, and slippery elm have inconsistent results as a heartburn herbal remedy.
  • Chamomile-is high in calcium, which is known to decrease acid in the stomach. This herb also has calming effects that will aid in reducing the risk of heartburn from stress and anxiety.
  • Blessed thistle and other “bitter digestive stimulant” herbs-it is believed they stimulate digestive enzymes and that heartburn is caused by the lack of these enzymes. There have been limited results from using these herbs.
  • Vinegar-though it is not an herb, a tablespoon is very effective. Cider vinegar works the best.
  • When using heartburn herbal remedies and the heartburn is ineffective, worsens, or returns immediately after remedy wears off, it might be time to see a healthcare professional. It is best to treat heartburn properly before side affects, like a damaged esophagus, develop.

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