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Healthy, No Cook, Easy Meals

sumo salad

Summer is here, and we’re feeling the heat the most in the kitchen. When the temperature outside is soaring, the last thing we want to do is to stand over a hot stove. These are the months when no cook meals will be the most valuable. At the same time, we want to keep healthy and not lose our standards with the convenience of microwave meals. Here are a few quick and easy meals that you can prepare without the heat of the kitchen, and still keep your family eating healthy!

Wraps: Everyone loves a wrap, especially when there’s no cooking involved! Grab some whole grain tortillas from the store, and fill them with all your favorite ingredients. Shred some reduced fat cheese, drain some canned black beans, chopped lettuce, and throw in your favorite veggies. Many stores offer a rotisserie chicken you can take come, shred the meat, and combine with some reduced fat mayo, seasoning, and veggies.

Salads: Salads are a cool treat for the warm season. Use some veggies; cucumber, bellpeppers, and tomatoes being the best for the hot summer months, and get creative. You can buy canned salmon, mix in some onion and reduced fat mayo to mix in with the salad. Tuna is also a great fish to use with salad, as is chilled chicken strips. Fruit salads are a great side to any meal, and are easy to make with all your favorite fruits. Think melon, strawberry, grapes and more, and you’ll have the perfect, cool treat for summertime.

Dip: Sounds simple, but this can be a meal in itself. Buy some pre made hummus from the store, or your favorite low fat dip, and arrange a plate with plenty of veggies. Cut carrots, cucumber, and celery are perfect. You can also get pita or whole grain crackers to add.

Sandwiches: Cold cuts are great, as they are the easiest, no cook sandwich solution. Spice them up with some Greek feta cheese, sliced tomato, lettuce and red peppers. Or, instead of traditional bread, grab an English muffin and add on whatever toppings you’d like.

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