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Healthy Alternatives To Water

pouring water in a glass

The most common health advice we always hear is “drink more water!” It is essential to good health, and can cure any number of symptoms you may be experiencing. But, drinking the required amount of water per day can be daunting. The fact is: it gets boring! If you need an alternative to water to help fulfill your daily quota, then here are some healthy drinks you can use as a substitute.

Tea: Not just any kind, Chamomile tea works wonders for your health, and is an exciting alternative to plain water. This blend eases anxiety, which can be a condition that leads to many other health related problems. Green tea is also beneficial, helping moderate your weight to help you avoid gaining extra pounds. Black tea’s rich blend helps protect you from developing skin cancer.

Chocolate Milk: Really! This can even help flatten your abs, believe it or not. Make sure it’s skim milk, and you’re getting the benefits of protein and carbs. It can help prevent muscle damage after extensive and rigorous work out sessions.

Juice: Orange juice is a favorite of many people, and not only is it delicious, it also has many health benefits. Protecting yourself from heart disease is easily accomplished with a glass of OJ, due to it’s anti inflammatory properties. Cranberry juice is another beneficial juice, affecting the bacteria in your mouth and helping to prevent gum disease, not to mention urinary tract infections. Tomato juice even lowers your risk of many different types of cancers.

So, next time you can’t be bothered to drink your eight glasses a day, consider these healthy alternatives to spice up your diet. Choosing a healthy juice, tea, or even a glass of chocolate milk can have a wide variety of health benefits that everyone needs.

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