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Healthiest Cities for Women

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From low rates of diabetes, cholesterol and hypertension, to the least amount of violent crimes, an expert panel with the help of bestplaces.net has put together a list of the 10 most healthy cities for women. Here are a few of the results.

On the top of the list at number one is Burlington, South Burlington, Vermont. This city is host to some of the most healthy hearts in America, with it’s occupants walking regularly, never smoking, and eating organic foods grown locally. They also have 40 percent more ob/gyns than the rest of the list and has low rates of cervical and ovarian cancer deaths.

Another is Bethesda, Gaithersburg, Frederick, MD. They were rated number two in the list of 100, and have a motto of “safety first”. This city has low unemployment rates and amazing health care. They have 46% percent less violent crimes than average cities, and 54% fewer rapes. They also offer a program that gives $114 to local works to compensate their monthly commute.

The third in the list is Portland, South Portland, Biddeford in Maine. Being positioned so close to nature, people are more willing here to hop on their bike and ride into wooded areas near a stream for a nice walk. They also have 70% more green buildings than the average city, and the state will give their green stamp of approval to eco aware hotels and restaurants so customers can find them more easily. This clean environment aids in the below average rates of asthma and allergies.

Cambridge, Newton, Framingham, MA took the fourth place in this list of 100. Here there are a whopping 90% more ob/gyns and internists than the average city. Massachusetts also reformed their health care in 2006.

Fifth, to most people’s surprise, is San Francisco, Oakland, California. With exercise, smart eating and avoiding cigarettes, the Bay Area women in this town are even sleeping better than the average. Most reported sleeping well all except 6 days in a month. Decent sleep aids in the prevention of hypertension, which gives the women here the healthiest hearts in the survey. Most even walk to and from work, and report sleeping soundly with their windows open.

Taking number six, is paradise, so it’s no surprise. Honolulu in Hawaii takes its place with more than just scenery, but the lowest occurrence of deaths caused by breast cancer, and the second lowest for skin cancer in the survey. Deaths caused by cancer in the lungs, colon and ovaries is also very rare. Their diet consists of a lot of red meat and sea food, and often walk or bike to work on their daily commute.

Stamford, Nowalk, Bridgeport CT are number seven of 100. With four more times the amount of parks and beaches than the other cities on the survey, and one third fewer toxic sites, this city lives up to it’s health standards with flying colors. Women in this city suffer from the least amount of migraines than any other city in the survey, and are least likely to visit the dentist. There is also a program called B-Green 2020 which aims to reduce the city’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gas by at least 10 percent over the next decade. Most of the families in this city are active, and it’s no wonder with it being the alleged birthplace of frisbee.

Eight out of 100 is Madison, WI. The women in this Midwestern College town were the most fit than any other city, with 85% of them exercising regularly outside of work. They have the lowest average body mass indexes of all other cities, and cancer and heart disease mortality rates are 15% lower than the overall average.

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