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Health Benefits of Mud Baths

woman having a natural mud bath

There are five elements found in our body: the soul, water, air, fire, wind and earth. Earth is what provides our body with energy, creates new life, gives us strength, health and vigor. Hence, mud is vital in curing a range of different diseases, being a strong earth element as well. It is for this reason that mud baths have existed for thousands of years, being used in a huge range of different treatments.

They are so popular, in fact, that it is now even possible to purchase mud packs.

There are huge health benefits of mud baths, which is why they are so popular. They give your skin a youthful, glowing look, detoxify the body and sooth a range of medical conditions. In fact, in ancient times, mud baths were truly the cure all for any type of health ailment.

Mud is filled with a range of different minerals (these can vary depending on the origin or source of the mud). These minerals can help people who have skin irritations. In fact, those with spondylitis and psoriasis are often recommended to use mud baths to soothe their skin.

The treatment is also incredibly relaxing, which is another big benefit, because it calms the mind and spirit. It is well known that it assists in creating better circulation and that it detoxifies and purifies the skin. Furthermore, mud removes blackheads and can even be seen as the fountain of youth, because it gives the skin a more youthful appearance due to its anti-ageing properties.

Mud baths don’t have to be used for medicinal purposes and can also be used for cosmetic reasons. It is, naturally, soluble in water, which is why it is so easy for the skin to absorb the nutrients directly from the mud, as well as any products mixed in with the mud.

Mud Bath Procedure
The mud is first obtained from its source (the Dead Sea being one of the most popular) and is then purified. This does not happen in naturally occurring mud pools, where people can simply enter the pools and enjoy the mud. The person is then covered in mud up to their neck. In spas, this is done by adding a paste of mud mixed with hot water and spreading this on a sheet, which is then wrapped around the client’s body. Often, several blankets are used to give maximum effect. After a while in the mud, the body is cleaned in a warm bath, followed by a cold shower to tighten the pores. It is also possible to create a cooling effect, by applying the mud straight to the skin and leaving the body uncovered.

Mud Bath Benefits
• Detoxifies the skin
• Promotes a youthful complexion
• Alleviates inflammation
• Eases muscle tension
• Sooths joint problems including arthritis

Medical Science and Mud Baths
Even medical professionals agree that after taking a mud bath healing occurs. Hence, it is recommended treatment for people who suffer from:
• Spine diseases
• Rheumatic diseases
• Chronic arthritis
• Eczema
• Muscular atrophy
• Psoriasis
• Spondylitis
• Chronic internal diseases

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