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Health Benefits From Vegetables

Health Benefits From Vegetables

We all know vegetables are good for us, but which exactly are the best? And how should we prepare them? Knowing what vegetables do what for our health, and how we can best retain all of their benefits is an important part of a healthy diet. Here are some vegetables and what they do, as well as how they should be prepared.

  • Broccoli is a commonly consumed vegetable. Recent studies have shown that this vegetable has more benefits after it has been steamed rather than in it’s raw form. It has properties that are great for the cells, and even considered as cancer fighting. It also is a great source for vitamin C.
  • Carrots, when eaten raw, are great for preventing cancer and heart attacks, as well as the commonly known eye sight benefits. When cooked, these properties increase, and are greatly more effective. By adding a drop of oil, your body can easily absorb these benefits. Even though boiling causes this vegetable to lose only a little of it’s Vitamin C, it helps fight against free radicals, the cause of aging spots on the skin.
  • Garlic, in its raw form, helps thin the blood and prevents it from clotting, which lowers your risk of heart attack. Cooked, it can retains all of its benefits, and is great for building your immunity against common colds and even the flu.
  • Root vegetables, such as potatoes and turnips contain a lot of fiber, as well as vitamins. Choosing root vegetables with dark skins are more likely to have better health benefits. Boil them with the skins, and peel them before eating if necessary, this is a great way to help keep all of those benefits while cooking.
  • Brussels Sprouts, although the comedic rival of all children, is a great source of many health benefits, including protection against breast cancer. Steam them, or include them in a stir fry for the best results.
  • Tomatoes, roasted with olive oil is a great way to help protect yourself against cancer and heart attacks. The oil helps your body to absorb all of the benefits that tomatoes offer. Another great choice are cherry tomatoes.
  • Asparagus, when steamed, will retain all of its miracle properties. This vegetable is great for protecting your heart, and your nervous system. Be careful in the steaming process, as most of the benefits can disappear with too much heat.

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