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Hair Restoration Surgery

hair transplantation surgery

Hair loss is a major problem these days and a lot of people have been advised to undergo hair restoration surgery. There is no pain in this surgery. It is an art by which a surgeon transplants the hair into your head, which would then grow back within weeks and hopefully change your complete look.

Those who are very much conscious of their appearance can choose to take hair transplant surgery in no time. Take a firm decision by consulting doctors and surgeons about the side effects of such a surgery as transplantation would vary from person to person. There can be a little bit of discomfort in the beginning which would go away with time. Every time hair transplant surgery is performed it will be unique and permanent. Believe it or not but the transplant surgery is not expensive when compared to using other hair systems.

How does hair grow? A hair normally contains a shaft above the skin and root beneath the skin surface which is dipped in some sort of pit or follicle (a fluid filled with sac). We all know hairs are dead tissue made up of Keratin & other proteins. The cells at the root will grow normally causing the follicle to push itself upwards and solidify thus forming a growing hair.

Medically, a fluid filled hair sac appears to be an empty tube like pocket, containing epidermis with dermis at its base where the human hair is formed. As the follicle base gets pushed by forming cells they harden and upon pigmentation it gets the final color.

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