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Gym Ball For Healthy Lifestyle

man using gym ball at work

The gym ball, a plastic ball used in many home and commercial gyms, was originally developed in Italy during the 1960. The ball was designed by someone in the petrochemical industry, not as an exercise machine, but rather to demonstrate flexibility and material.

From Petrochemical Item to Exercise
So how did the gym ball become so popular in terms of our gym equipment? This happened a few years later, when Dr. Susan Klein-Vogelbach, from Switzerland, started to promote it. She practiced in orthopedic medicine and showed that exercises with these balls were incredibly beneficial in term of posture and the core. It is because of Dr. Klein-Vogelbach’s work that the ball is now commonly referred to as the “Swiss Ball”.

The concept came over to the USA towards the end of the 1980s by fitness expert Joanne Posner-Mayer. She was the first to identify that they are actually a fantastic item to have in terms of home and commercial fitness. Since her work commenced, almost every gym in the country now has one of these balls in stock. Beyond this, however, people have them in their own homes as well, and there are now even increasing numbers of businesses that offer them to their employees. The Swiss ball has become a staple in any training regimen.

Nowadays, the ball is available in a range of sizes and hundreds of different methods of using it have been developed. It is even possible to reduce the number of different movements that are possible on these balls, mainly by introducing a stability cushion. This cradles the ball in one place, making it more limited in its range, but also a lot safer. Ball exercises are now also combined with various other exercises, which is why you will frequently see people on the ball holding dumbbells, for instance.

Gym Ball Benefits
The exercise ball has many benefits and should really be included in any workout. Some of the benefits include:
• It is inexpensive.
• It does not require a lot of space.
• You don’t have to have additional equipment in order to use the ball, although you can choose to have some to improve what you are doing.
• The ball targets the core muscles in particular, meaning that you will have better posture and stability overall. Furthermore, most other gym equipment tends to not focus as strongly on the core muscles.

How to Use the Exercise Ball
There are many different ways to use the balls. It is important to realize, firstly, that it is a demanding activity, which means you have to know what you are doing. This is also essential in terms of your own physical safety.

The most important thing is to always maintain good and proper gym ball posture. This means you have to keep your back straight and you should never lock your knees down completely, but particularly during an exercise movement. Maintaining proper breathing is absolutely vital as well, as this will lead to the best results.

In terms of how to use the ball itself, there are literally hundreds of gym ball exercises you can do. You can go for the traditional exercises, such as push-ups and gym ball sit-up, but you can also further incorporate it into your healthy lifestyle by using it outside of your exercise regime. For instance, more and more people now use them as a desk chair during their working day, or at the dinner table, while eating.

Gym Ball Sit-ups
gym ball sit-ups Couldn’t end this article without recommending you my favorite gym ball exercise. I love having a flat abs and the gym ball sit-ups is the most efficient ab workout that I ever practiced. Perform 3 sets of around 30 reps each and you will tone your abs in no time. An important tips is to prop your legs against a wall or a door. It will help you gain stability and exert maximum tension on your core while doing the sit-ups. Click on the image shared nearby for better of study this gym ball exercise. Do perform these sit-ups with maximum efficiency you need to feel your abs burning while working out. Try to maintain tension continuously while doing each rep. You will be amazed with the results! Yes, you can even get six pack abs!

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