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Guided Imagery for Healing

woman listening to guided imagery therapy

Some people believe that the only way to achieve healing is if you do it yourself. You have to choose which medications to take or not, which exercise to get, what to eat and who to have social relationships with. All of these things will help you in terms of self-healing. It is all about understanding your mind, body and spirit, and the balance between these three. You need to learn how to be completely free from distractions, focusing solely on what you want and need. One of the most popular ways of achieving this is through guided imagery.

What Is Guided Imagery for Healing?
Guided imagery healing is a type of mind tool. It is a tool that helps you meditate, achieving a form of deep relaxation. This means you will be fully present in the present, leaving distractions behind and clearing your mind and body of toxins. Instead, your body will be able to focus fully on healing itself.

Through guided imagery, you will focus on a specific image that is said to heal you. When you focus on this, you will be in the so called “healing state”. As a result, stress is relieved and your unconscious healing starts to work. Basically, you are reprogramming the way your brain works, rewiring it to focus on healing. It is about achieving balance in your mind, which automatically leads to a more balanced body and soul.

The guided imagery exercises can be repeated again and again. In doing so, you will reinforce the lessons you are teaching it. As such, you can teach your mind how to respond to give situations. You can even teach your organs to operate in a manner that increases your health, particularly if you combine it with a healthy diet and exercise program. Some say that guided imagery for cancer may even be effective.

Six Steps to Healing through Guided Imagery
Self healing with guided imagery works by following six specific steps:
1. You have to educate yourself. Learn what healing is all about, read about holistic therapies, find out what stress does to you, how important your diet is and so on. Focus specifically on natural medicines, moving away from pharmaceutical products.
2. Get involved in deep relaxation. This type of meditation is one of the most important parts and you should be able to achieve it before you move any further.
3. Learn about going into the healing state. This is where you open up your mind to images of healing and re-script the way your body and minds work. Top athletes use these techniques in order to be as good as what they are. If you do get involved in guided imagery, you can receive images or audio files that help you to achieve this and actually view the right images.
4. Form your own images that will heal you. Once you have gotten to grips with the standard guided images, you can start to form your own. You will begin to understand how the images work and what other behavior modification you may need specifically for your own health.
5. Rehearse your images each and every day. It takes some time to reprogram your brain Although you will notice nearly instant benefits from the fact that you will be more relaxed, actually noticing permanent benefits will take some practicing. After all, you want it to affect your immune system, your psyche, your soul, the way your organs operate, your physical fitness, your heart health, the way your brain functions and more. This will take some doing and positive reinforcement has been proven to work.
6. Reinforce the positive changes you notice. Be aware of the differences that you can feel and acknowledge these, congratulating yourself on your achievements.

Through guided imagery therapy, you can achieve healing of the mind, body and soul. Best of all, no intervention is needed in order to achieve this. As such, guided imagery for anxiety would work just as well as guided imagery for having a cold. It is about healing yourself from top to bottom, inside and out.

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