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Green Tea a Great Coffee Replacement

a cup of green tea

Did you know that tea is the 2nd most consumed drink on the planet after water? Of course, there are many types of these hot herb drinks available, but one of them stands out when it comes to its popular health benefits. Yes, I’m talking about the green tea. In this article I won’t add to the coffee vs green tea debate that fired up the web a while ago, but instead highlight the benefits of this healthy drink obtained from the Camellia sinensis plant and explain why green tea is a great coffee replacement.

Why do People Need Caffeine?
Most of us include caffeine based products in our diet to get that extra energy kick to bring us throughout the day. Whether we work at the office or on the field and agile mind or a quick step is always recommended in the alert lifestyle of the 21st century.
Caffeine takes around 10 minutes to jump into action and depending on the dosage it will keep you alert for the next couple of hours. However, as with any other addictive drug the more often you decide to use it the better your body gets accustomed to it and effects start to lose their potency. That’s why I find it important to constantly alter your caffeine intake and get it from different products. You can nourish your body with this substance that makes you feel awake, from: green tea, hot chocolate, soda or dark chocolate and not only from coffee.

Why Green Tea Instead of Coffee?
For many, coffee is the most popular energy drink and it usually remains so because of its addictive properties. I admit that once you accustom yourself to those daily cups of coffee. it’s hard to brake the habit. More, if you drink coffee within the normal limits you’ll also enjoy other health benefits listed here. However, here are ten good reasons for you to switch from coffee to green tea every now and then:
1. Lasts Longer: It has been proven that the green tea energy boost lasts longer, compared to the higher high obtained from the coffee cup. The black beans bring a stronger energy boost, which fades sooner though, compared to a constant boost achieved by the tea from the Camellia sinensis plant.
2. Hydrates Better: Tea is pure water infused with plants. So, it’s common sense to admit that provides a much better hydration effect for your body and skin. This is why it’s highly recommended to replace coffee with green tea during hot summer days.
3. Enhances Metabolism: Fuel your body with green energy and your metabolism will become more alert and your physical performance will be enhanced. Caffeine and other green tea compounds make a natural source of energy out of fatty acids, while muscle cells become more active.
4. Improves Brain Function: Green tea gets your brain firing an all cylinders, thus making you more alert and efficient, without causing that state of agitation, typical to coffee.
5. Antioxidant Benefits: The Camellia sinensis plant contributes to this hot drink with an impressive number of antioxidants, under the form of flavonoids. They have significant anti-ageing properties, keeping your entire body young for a longer time.
6. Healthier Teeth: We can all agree that constant coffee intake stains teeth. Well you can solve this problem if you switch from coffee to green tea or at least alter both products on a daily basis.
7. Prevents Cancer: Studies have shown that green tea could lower the risk of various cancers thanks to the catechins and the other antioxidants. It also could help with preventing ovarian and breast cancer
8. Strengthens Bones: Catechins also help with preventing osteoporosis and strengthening bones, an Australian study shows.
9. Boosts Immune System: Green tea as many other teas strengthen the immune system and help the body become more resistant against viruses.
10. Improves Heart Function: Heart disease risk is also lowered by regular consumption of green tea, because it improves blood flow.

Caffeine Side Effects
No matter if you opt to drink green tea, coffee, soda or eat chocolate you need to be aware of the daily caffeine intake limit. Yes, the intake from different products is added and shouldn’t go over the 500 mg limit, or you risk of experiencing overdose symptoms like: arrhythmia (abnormal heart beats), disturbed sleep patterns, anxiety and restlessness.
Here are the caffeine dosages in the above mentioned products:
– 1 doze* of soda Pepsi, Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper: 23 – 42 mg
– 1 cup* of hot chocolate: 15 – 25 mg
– 1 cup of green tea: 15 – 60 mg
– 1 cup of brewed coffee: 90 – 200 mg
– 1 cup of brewed decaffeinated coffee: 2 – 14 mg
– 1 cup of instant coffee: 30 – 175 mg
– 1 cup of instant decaffeinated coffee: 2 – 14 mg
– 1 cup of cafe latte or mocha coffee: 65 – 175 mg
– 1 shot* of espresso: 45 – 80 mg
– 1 shot of decaffeinated espresso: 0 – 10 mg
*Note: 1 shot = 1 oz, 30 ml; 1 cup = 8 oz, 237 ml ; 1 doze = 12 oz; 355 ml

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