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Gay Rights and The Homosexual Marriage Debate

gay and lesbian marriages

You would assume that in this day and age that the need to fight for rights of any sort would be a thing of the past. People are all too quick to stand up and fight for their human rights, but when it comes to the rights of gay and lesbian couples their claims to have ‘gay rights’ fought for under the same banner of human rights seems, in a lot of cases, to fall on deaf ears and gay relationships are brushed aside in favour of ‘normality’. Homosexual relationships, while welcomed in some areas of the world are very much part of a strong gay rights debate in others.

The Human Condition
As humans we cannot help who we fall in love with, our bodies and minds are powered by a delicate chemical and genetic balance that dictate how we look, how we develop and so on and so forth. No two people have exactly the same type of balance, just as two people don’t have the same DNA. So how society can expect us as a species to conform to an outdated and rigid set of socially accepted norms is unreasonable to say the least, when as a species we are constantly changing, adapting and evolving.

There are certain things that heterosexual couples take for granted; they know that they can court each other publicly without fear of prejudice or abuse. They also know that when the time is right for them to make a legal and binding commitment to each other that both church and state will be behind them. However the same cannot be said for same sex couples in gay relationships who wish to marry. Gay marriage is still outlawed in many areas of the world, and this is why the fight for gay rights and equality continues.

Homosexual Rights for Some But Not All
It would seem that while human rights are generally respected the world over gay rights and just what they mean differ from country to country and even between regions in the same country. Take the US for example in some states homosexual rights are recognised and homosexual marriage is permitted, which offers all of the same legal protection and benefits of heterosexual marriage, yet in some states same sex marriage is outlawed and gay people live in fear of displaying any affection to each other in public. Gay relationships are promoted by the state as being unhealthy and morally wrong. Gay relationships are based on the same love that is felt by every human on the planet, no matter what their ethnicity or sexual orientation, so how can it be wrong?

It seems that society as a whole has been so completely conditioned by church and government over the entries that while in some areas it has evolved and grown the area and issues surrounding love, sex and relationships have remained in the dark ages. Gay Rights activists are not asking for anything more than other members of society take for granted, so why does so much of the world have such a problem with gay legislation and homosexual marriage?

Gay Legislation around the World
Whilst some areas of the world refuse to pull their thinking out of the dark ages, other regions like Brazil and Thailand offer those in a gay relationship the same rights as the rest of society. In the UK it may have been a slow process but the laws surrounding gay marriage and homosexual rights have been changed, allowing homosexual relationships to be recognised by law, with gay marriage affording the couple equal rights as those in a heterosexual marriage.

Is it not that any specifically gay laws that have been introduced, it is more of a recognition that that many of the legal statutes that govern our developed world were put in place centuries ago and were in desperate need of overhauling and updating to bring heterosexual and homosexual legislation together under the same banner. Thankfully some forward thinking nations have reached this milestone ahead of others, who are slowly following behind.

Ongoing Debate
The gay marriage debate still rages on, and the opinions of society will continue to differ. A lot of the reasons people feel the way they do about homosexual, lesbian and transgender members of society is down to the upbringing they had, the views expressed and opinions voiced by their parents, and more often than not the influence of the church in their life. With so much of society unable to think for themselves and voice their own opinions they are willing to be lead by ancient institutions with outdated ideals based on politics and ignorance.

The opinions expressed here will be different to those held by others. Love is love, and true love can and will transcend all boundaries and limitations imposed upon it to reach out to those who are in need of the love of another, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender or sexual orientation. Perhaps if people stopped saying it’s wrong or it’s against nature, and allowed people to express love for one another freely, the world might be a better place because of it, but that is only the opinion of this writer.

Finding a Voice
People need to find their own voices and think for themselves rather than follow the misguided and ill informed beliefs of others. I am sure that as you have read this article you have formed a few opinions of your own, so share them with us. It doesn’t matter if you are gay or not, just tell us your views on gay rights and the homosexual marriage debate, where do you stand? I am sure that for every view I have expressed, you have one of your own which will again differ from those of another reader. I open this debate up for those who can find their voice and speak their mind openly, willing to open their minds to the ideas of others, so see other viewpoints and listen to their arguments.

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