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Foods Which Aid Dry Skin

boy with dry skin

Being afflicted with dry skin is absolutely terrible. It can be very itchy but it is also highly unsightly. In fact, some people have such dry skin that they start to flake. This is not only uncomfortable, but also highly embarrassing because it leaves flakes of skin behind wherever you go. Naturally, there are a number of cosmetic products on the market that are said to perform miracles. Unfortunately, many of these products contain very harsh chemicals, and even more of them are tested on animals. Luckily, however, there are a number of things you can do to combat dry skin by using fully natural remedies that you can make yourself.

Herbs and Plants that Help against Dry Skin
There are a number of herbs and plants that you can use and create preparations with to combat dry skin. The main herbs are fennel, comfrey, neroli, jasmine, rose, lavender and sandalwood. You can create cream based masks from these plants or moisturizers. They are also very nice for aromatherapy if you use essential oils.

Foods for Dry Skin
Many people, however, wonder if there is an issue with their diet that causes their dry skin. In fact, it does seem that dry skin can not only be caused by a poor diet, but that eating a healthy diet can relieve dry skin as well. So what are some foods for dry skin that you could consider? If you were to set up a dry skin diet, it would contain the following:
• Above average water or seltzer consumption
• Fatty fish, filled with omega 3
• Any type of fruit or vegetable
• Soups

These are all foods which aid dry skin, but they are also foods which prevent dry skin. When you have dry skin, it is important to consider this in your diet and to therefore have a diet that contains plenty of moisture. A dry skin diet is based on things that make your skin look healthy and shiny and on the fluid contents. Basically, dry skin foods are foods that have been freshly prepared and are unprocessed, so that you can take advantage of all their vitamins and minerals as well.

What Foods to Avoid
When you are thinking of a diet for dry skin, it isn’t just about figuring out what you should eat, it is also about figuring out what you shouldn’t eat. Therefore, there are a number of things that a diet for dry skin should never include. You should stay away from alcohol, sweetened soft drinks, caffeine, processed foods and animal fats. The sugars and alcohol can act as a diuretic, which means that your skin cells lose a lot of their water content. Also, if you fry food or use animal fats, free radicals can be released into your body and these take away all the benefits of the antioxidants that are supposed to get into your system.

All in all, having a healthy diet for free skin is about eating fresh and thinking about how to add moisture to your system. Remember that lifestyle also has a role to play. Excessive stress, for instance, is a sure fire way to make your skin dry out, even to the point of it being sore and flaky.

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