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Fix Chipped Tooth and Avoid Dental Injury

Chipped tooth fix

Tooth injuries happen every day from a wide range of causes like accidents, falling and kids playing on the playground. The most common damage that is caused to a tooth is a chipped tooth. Today, dentists have a wide range of options available to them to help them repair the chipped tooth and avoid further dental injury. The most important factor is to seek medical attention from a dentist as soon as possible. Most dentists offer a twenty-four hour emergency services but if they do not, the patient should head straight to the emergency room.

The sooner the chipped tooth repair takes place the better chance of success.

When the tooth or teeth are chipped the first thing that should be done is to see if any fragments from the tooth can be found. This will greatly depend on how large the chip is and not too much time should be taken to search because it is more important to get to the dentist. What to do with a chipped tooth fragment if it is located is to placed it in the mouth under the tongue if possible, if this is not possible than it can be put in a glass of milk or some other container. Do not rinse the tooth or clean it off because this can damage the tooth. The less handling of the fragment the better because it will reduce the chance of infection.

The dentist will perform x-rays on the chipped tooth and evaluate the best method to save or fix the chipped tooth or chipped teeth. He will probably put the patient on a type of antibiotic to avoid any infection from setting in. If no extensive damage was done to the root of the tooth there is a better chance of being able to fix chipped tooth. It will depend on what specific damage was done to the tooth as to how to fix a chipped tooth.

These are a few different ways to fix a chipped tooth:
• If the chipped tooth is not too badly damaged, the dentist may just file the tooth down to eliminate the chip.
• A filling can be added to the tooth to fill in the chipped tooth and this is done very similar to how a dentist would fill in a cavity.
• A porcelain veneer can be put directly on the tooth to hide the appearance of the chipped tooth. This will leave the chipped tooth with a natural appearance.
• A crown can be placed on the chipped tooth to cap and protect it.
• If damage was done to the root of the tooth, a root canal will need to be done.

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