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Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Fibromyalgia is categorized as a syndrome instead of a disease. There are overlapping symptoms from associated conditions. This form of non-inflammatory arthritis affects ligaments, tendons, and muscles. It causes intense chronic pain and excessive fatigue.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot known about Fibromyalgia and sadly, it is not curable. Fibromyalgia symptoms can be managed to make living with this syndrome easier.


  • Widespread pain-similar to arthritis in the joints, but affects muscles instead. This is the most common symptom that Fibromyalgia sufferers have. It is treated with over-the-counter medication, prescription medications, and drug free supplements.
  • Morning stiffness-stiffness gradually subsides once out of bed and moving in the morning. It is treated with over the counter medication, and drug free supplements.
  • Fatigue-this symptom affects all aspects a Fibromyalgia sufferer’s life. Sometimes it is worsened by pain that interferes with adequate sleep. It is treated with over-the-counter medication, antidepressants, and sleep aids.
  • Dizziness-it can last for a few seconds to a few days. Limiting movement, closing eyes, and increasing blood circulation can be used to treat dizziness.
  • Menstrual changes-increased severity of symptoms often occurs right before menses begins and may continue through the first half of menses. Formerly mild PMS symptoms may increase in intensity with Fibromyalgia. Treat individual symptoms for relief.
  • Skin problems-it is unknown why the skin is affected by this condition. Some common skin problems:
  • o Dryness-lotions and creams
    o Itchiness-anti-itch saves
    o Rashes-treat dryness and itchiness
    o Molted skin-bleaching creams and ultraviolet light therapy

  • Depression-the change of energy level and dealing with chronic pain often leads to depression. The life previously lived is mourned when it’s clear Fibromyalgia is a life style changing. Treating sleep problems, pain, and fatigue will have the side effect of decreasing depression. For prolonged depression, prescription medication can be prescribed by a health care professional. Natural supplements may also provide relief.
  • Weight gain-it occurs due to the combination of hormonal changes and because symptoms of pain and fatigue interfere with calorie burning activities. Living with this condition can be depressing and depression can often lead to over-eating. Changing calorie intake to match the decrease in activity will treat this Fibromyalgia symptom.

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