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FamiliLink: Technology Linking Families


Today, as technology is growing faster and more complex by the day, our previous generations may not be able to keep up with the latest tech trends.Trying to keep up with the ever-changing popularity among social networking sites, touch screen phones, and thousands of mobile applications, all our parents can barely text and imagine how our grandparents would react if they were still around.

For the generations now willing to work with technology in order to stay in touch with family and friends around the world, there is a new company who has a plan for you. FamiliLink uses services through the Internet to help connect aging family members who are not technology friendly.

FamiliLink, after taking part in the 2009 Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit & Business Plan Competition in California in June, hopes to offer connectivity between people who may not have the ability—or the newest educational know-how—in order to stay in touch. The Silicon Valley Boomer Venture Summit, it is a forum for entrepreneurs and emerging businesses to present their new conceptions to benefit the “Baby Boomer” generation (Americans 45 years and older).

A competition is in place at the summit in order to gain recognition within the field and FamiliLink touched on a lot of the same ideas presented at the summit (helpful ways of giving care to older adults and their technological needs) garnered a lot of attention.  Lauran Nuhaan and Inger Rarick,  co-founders of FamiliLink, started the company in 2007 with their combined decades of business experience, healthcare expertise, and web savvy techniques, these two women joined heads together to come up with an idea to keep families and friends connected even when they can’t physically be close.

FamiliLink keeps everything you could need in one area offering an easy, uncomplicated way to connect generations through a website.   When you log in to your personal site on FamiliLink, your daily calendar pops up with personal reminders, you can scroll through new photos sent by loved ones and older ones you saved, and you can check your email (you can also link other email accounts to your FamiliLink account) by clicking on a set of tabs all located on one easy to read,handy page.

This one stop website aims to take the mystery out of the technological devices in an attempt to make people more confident while accessing their computer.  For seniors who have limited use of their faculties, there is an option for a family member, or close friend to log in for them.  Patients living with a disease like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or arthritis may take advantage of this friendlier option to FamiliLink.

Sharing photos, videos, and notes will never be able to take the place of face-to-face interaction, but creating a virtual visit a lot more often will make your relatives happy and save you on airfare.  Family members of users are thrilled to have another care options for out-of-reach family and confused relatives who have trouble finding their way around a computer.  FamiliLink is already getting great reviews and positive feedback from health care professionals.

With today’s budding technology, that maybe my dad will one day be able to receive, read, and reply to a text message, it’s nice to know there is website out there to help navigate all the needs of the baby boomer generation and beyond.  Hoping to create peace of mind for family members who are not close by to keep an eye on their elderly loved ones, the team at FamiliLink is excited to finally offer this easy-to-use site for everyone.  Strong family life contributes inevitably to healthy communities.

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