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Facts About Ecstasy The Drug

couple intoxicated with ecstasy

Ecstasy, E, XTC and so on. These are all terms that describe Ecstasy the drug. People use it mainly recreationally, to enhance their party experience or to achieve spiritual liberation. It is seen by many as a reasonably safe drug, but how true are those claims? Let’s take a look at what Ecstasy really is, what its effects are and what the potential dangers and side effects are.

About Ecstasy
So what is Ecstasy? Ecstasy is available in pills and capsules. These pills come in different shapes and colors and often have a logo imprinted on them. The active substance in Ecstasy is MDMA, which is both a stimulant that boost our energy levels, as well as being a hallucinogenic.

Many people wonder whether Ecstasy is addictive. Ecstasy addiction is a purely mental one. This is mainly because the user will require increasingly high dosage to achieve that same high they experienced the first time. In fact, as with many drugs, people are often chasing the dream of that first time.

What Are the Effects of Ecstasy?
When ingesting Ecstasy, all senses are intensified. Ecstasy effects include people see colors more vividly and hear sounds better. People also feel more empathic towards others, which is why it is often referred to as the Love Drug. When taking Ecstasy, the body is fooled into feeling no exhaustion, even though it is actually there. Hence, once the rush passes, fatigue hits users like a ton of bricks. Generally, the drug takes around half an hour to kick in and the feelings can last for around five hours. The next day, people tend to feel that they have used the product. During an Ecstasy trip, people also regularly notice that things taste differently and that they have problems urinating. Both can be very serious issues, as it can lead to dehydration.

Side Effects and Dangers
One of the dangers about ecstasy the drug is that it is very rare to still find Ecstasy that actually contains MDMA. Instead, it can be jammed packed with other substances that are potentially dangerous. If you are lucky, it is filled with a placebo, meaning you will feel absolutely nothing. Following an Ecstasy trip, many people feel ecstasy side effects such as depression of days. This is known as the Tuesday Blues. Since most people use ecstasy on Saturday, it is on Tuesday that their body really responds to the lack of dopamine and serotonin (both released during a trip). Since these two hormones are responsible for us feeling happy, Tuesday is usually the day on which we feel down. Also, jaw clenching is very common, leading to a bitten tongue and pain in the jaws. Palpitations are also a common side effect and difficulty to coordinate. As a result, many people experience panic attacks after wards.

Facts about Ecstasy
Some facts about ecstasy include:
• So called legal ecstasy is available on the market, but this product is seen by many as being far more dangerous than ecstasy because it is a plant feed and not good for human consumption.
• Ecstasy dangers include dehydration that can lead to death. Whenever people have died of ecstasy consumption, it is usually because they have been dancing without consuming any water and have completely dehydrated.

Ecstasy is an illegal substance so one should never advise you to take it. However, the reality is that most people will try it at some point or another. If that includes you, make sure you check the latest designs and logos on the internet to make sure that you know about ecstasy and that you know that you are taking something that actually works. Be safe, drink plenty of water and always have a trip buddy, who will refrain from using the drug and look after those who do. Also, if you have not used ecstasy in a while, make sure you only take a low dosage unless you are ready to experience the full hallucinogenic effects of MDMA. This can be a particularly frightening experience, particularly if you aren’t ready for that. Overall, however, when taking moderately, Ecstasy is a reasonably safe drug to take, so long as you know where you are getting it from.

If one would ask me if I recommend the drug, my answer would always be no. Drugs, no matter how nonaddictive or mild they are, they still drain your body from resources and always cause more harm than good! I do not recommend ingesting ecstasy, smoking marijuana or abusing alcohol because there are lots of other ways to experience a relaxed and happy state of mind and body.

If you do fall for Ecstasy addiction, I recommend you to seek for help immediately. In most cases a prolonged addiction will lead the sufferer to consumption of heavier drugs. This is the point when everything will start tumbling down. If you’re in the US, I can warmly recommend you Touchstone Ranch drug rehabilitation center. If you’re not from Texas you can easily call them and ask for guidance and recommendations for other states. Stay clean!

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