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Facelift With and Without Surgery

Noninvasive facelift

Many of us would do anything we possibly could to reverse the signs of aging. Unfortunately, age shows itself mostly in the face and there is only so much potions, lotions and creams can do. As a consequence, we become more and more interested in a facelift. There are two types of facelift, being the non surgical facelift and the surgical facelift. Choosing which one is best for you depends entirely on your own needs and understanding the difference between and results of the two.

Noninvasive Facelift
The technology of the non surgical facelift has been around since 1995 but has only just been approved as a medical procedure. It is also known as the ultrasound facelift. Essentially, it uses high-frequency radio waves. These excite the water molecules and heat them up. This heat then reacts with the fibres of collagen in the skin, which then contract and tighten up. It is a messy procedure, because the face is first covered with an ink grid, much like a tattoo, which allows the doctors to be guided in what to heat and when. One of the main benefits of this procedure, besides the fact that it is non invasive, is that it is quick. And in the medical world, time is money so the facelift cost is greatly reduced.

A mini facelift, as it is also known is gaining in popularity. Other types of facelift without surgery are currently being developed, with many people having high hopes for the stem cell facelift. However, this is set to be an incredibly expensive procedure and there is quite some controversy about it due to it being stem cell research. Alternatives at present include the laser facelift, which is more like a chemical peel and simply takes some of the dead skin of your face.

Surgical Facelift
A surgical facelift, on the other hand, is an invasive procedure during which excess fat is removed from the face, muscles are tightened and the skin is redraped around the face. This creates a far more youthful appearance. The facelift procedure is quite painful and people spend some time needing to recover, particularly from bruising and swelling. Facelift recovery can take up to six weeks or so, which is quite a long time. On the other hand, facelift surgery is the only type of surgery that can actually tighten skin that has started to sag. Other procedures are able to smooth wrinkles on the surface, but they are not able to remove a double chin or tighten up loose skin. You do also have to know that a facelift only works on the bottom third of the face. If you are interested in lifting the entire face, you will also need to have a brow lift as well as eyelid surgery.

Which One Is Better?
So which one should you go for? There are a lot of considerations to be made and each option has benefits and drawbacks. In terms of cost, the non-surgical facelift is far cheaper. However, it doesn’t last very long, meaning you may have to return for further procedures, which increases the cost over time. Non-surgical options have far fewer facelift side effects, and is in essence risk free. The facelift recovery time is also all but eliminated with a non-invasive facelift. However, the results are far better with a surgical facelift, particularly if you also have a brow lift and eyelid surgery.

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