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Everything About The Anti-Gravity Treadmill

rafael nadal on alter-g

Anti-gravity fitness treadmill is one of the latest hi-tech devices to help shed the weight in an easy way. Some of the most famous sports stars, including the likes of Rafael Nadal, are using it with success. It’s time to analyze it and see what’s so special about this treadmill. What is it, and what does it claim to do? Is it really that efficient to be worth tens of thousands of US Dollars?

The Alter-G – Main Points
• Through the use of air cushions, the weight of exercisers is reduced
• Mid-air exercise is possible by using slings
• There are various benefits, including making it possible for obese people to train without the risk of injury, as well as putting less strain on the joints
• The technology comes from the circus and space programs and fitness fanatics have been very enthusiastic
• Anti-gravity treadmills are now used in various luxury fitness centers and it is used by all types of fitness people, from morbidly obese to those preparing to run a marathon

What Is the Alter-G?
Some say that when using the anti-gravity treadmill, you feel as if you are floating in a bubble. Using NASA technology, air pressure actually lifts the user, so you are quite literally walking in the air. Because this means there is less gravity on the person, a percentage of the body-weight is also reduced. As a result, people can access a variety of benefits regardless of their demographics.

For instance, someone training to run a marathon can build on their endurance and speed, but there is less risk of injury. On the other hand, an elderly person is able to exercise without having to worry about their joints. Similarly, people who are morbidly obese are able to work around their weight, because they will feel physically lighter.

For an obese person, it is like being their target weight instantly. They immediately know what it would feel like on their body and joint if they were lighter, and this can be as much as 40 pounds lighter. That makes it a fantastic motivator as well.

How the Alter-G Is Used
The anti-gravity treadmill is always first used under close supervision. However, once people get the hang of it, they are left to their own device unless they need help. Most find it incredibly addictive, because it is a fun way to exercise and it is nice to feel so much lighter. In fact, the machine’s only downside is that you will feel your own weight again as soon as you get off.

How Good Is the Anti-Gravity Treadmill?
Some people believe that the only exercise that offers the same type of workout and the same feeling is swimming, where you also feel completely weightless. It has almost no impact, but gives a fantastic cardio workout regardless, which is exactly what the Alter-G can do.

Exercise specialists, nutritional experts and personal trainers are all saying they would like to see more zero gravity treadmills made available in the various gyms around the country. Because this differential pressure machine literally physically suspends the user, they are able to do movements they were never able to do before, with no risk to their own bodies. Unfortunately, the anti-gravity treadmill costs are still quite high, which makes this vision hard to achieve.

Best of all, the technology can also be used in various other classes. Certain yoga instructors have started to look into it and even the Cirque du Soleil has used it. The only issue is, of course, that if there are multiple machines, safety may become a concern. Because it is physically possible to actually hang upside down, there is the potential of injury to self and others. One of the main anti-gravity treadmill benefits is that it is so versatile, and experts are trying to build on this.

However, aerial skills, whereby the person is suspended from the ceiling using anti-gravity technology, are also gaining in popularity. Several fitness experts are trying to demonstrate to the world that fitness can be beautiful, by incorporating these types of moves. Besides this, doing workouts in a suspended way means that people need to have climbing skills, have to learn how to do body wraps and have to do foot locks, something that would never be done in any other form of exercise.

Because people are literally in the air, they have to start to work differently on their core. At the same time, the anti-gravity treadmill functioning principle remains one of flexibility, strength and endurance remain.

As mentioned in the Alter-G demo video embedded below, this anti-gravity treadmill can help in rehab for people who have not been even able to walk because of an amputation or patients with leg fractures and hip-breaks.

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