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Efficient Tips That Help With Accent Reduction

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For people who temporary, or permanently,y move to the U.S. from other countries, fitting in is a big deal. An expat’s most common enemy is loneliness. That’s because it takes time to build a new entourage, especially if he or she isn’t a native English speaker. There are a variety of tricks that can be applied in order to integrate more faster. For example, working on one’s accent can be very helpful, because this will prevent native US residents from perceiving the expat as an outsider.

Slow or incomplete integration can easily lead to depression and other physical and psychical health problems. The sufferer can find a relief in eating and adopting unhealthy nourishment habits. This leads to obesity, a risk factor for many other conditions. On the other side the expat can fall in to depression. So, if you just moved or prepare to move to the United States you have to make sure first that you lose that non-English accent. Here is how to:

1. Television is a Great Tool
One of the best ways that can make you talk like a native North American is by watching a lot of television. English channels should be the only ones on your menu of course. Subtitles help with reading and writing while audio teaches one how to correctly pronounce words like a native U.S. citizen. There have been a number of people who have had success by watching television and mimicking the people on their favorite shows. If you’re alone and not disturbing other you can repeat in real-time what you hear on your TV or other media device that plays English videos.

2. Hang Out With Natives
The second best thing that you will need to consider when trying to reduce the accent you have is to hang out with natives of the country. No matter if they’re your colleagues, neighbors or other acquaintances. The more you are able to hear how they talk, the easier you will find it to see where you need to make changes. Engage in as many conversations as possible. Speak with your mailman, say “Hi” to the man next to you or simply get an English teacher for after-hours.

3. Practice is Important
Yet another factor that you have to do when trying to have success with your accent reduction is to practice. If you fail to dedicate the time to listening to yourself talk and making changes, you will not be able to get the results needed. Be sure to set aside some time every day and try various exercises in order to change your accent. You can also attend to accent reduction courses in order to improve speaking skills at a more alert pace.

Tip: You can use your smartphone and record yourself while speacking or reading out loud a certain paragraph. This is called auto-correction and also contributes to the loss of the non-English accent.

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