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Earache – Causes and Remedies

Man suffering from earache

Earache is a horrible affliction that can cause severe discomfort all across the face, not to mention deafness and balance problems. There are many causes of earache, including infections and increased ear wax production. With persistent earache, medical advice should always be sought to rule out complications and to ensure treatment is received. Severe infections could lead to permanent deafness, which should naturally be avoided at all costs.

Causes of Earache
The main cause of earache is an infection. Often, an earache can also be caused by a cold or flu, whereby the sinuses are blocked. Of course, ear ache can also be caused due to a build up of ear wax, which can become hard and cause blockages in the ear canals. Some of the main causes of earache are:
• Otitis Media
• Otitis Externa
• Bullous Myringitis

Symptoms of Earache and Effects of Earache
It is possible for earache to cause vertigo, a sudden onset of dizziness whereby the sufferer feels as though they are in motion whilst in reality being still. A high temperature usually accompanies vertigo caused by earache, which will go once the infection has cleared.

Earache manifests itself in pain, swelling and redness of the ear. The symptoms of the specific ear conditions mentioned above include a high fever, vomiting and diarrhoea, hearing loss, a ringing in the ear and discharge from the ear. If any of these symptoms occur, it is important to seek medical advice.

Remedies of Earache
Thankfully, most earache issues, including infections, clear up on their own within just a few days. However, for more serious infections, antibiotics may be necessary and it is important to always remember to complete the entire course of antibiotics. It is very important that you do not use any cotton wool buds or other foreign objects in your ear whilst suffering from earaches and to ensure the ear remains dry. There are also some home remedies that may help in the relief of earache, particularly drinking plenty of fluids, having plenty of rest and holding a warm cloth to the affected ear.

Earache can be a terrible thing to suffer from, as the pain can be acute and severe and the symptoms can be uncomfortable. However, more often than not, earache is a temporary affliction that can be treated without any additional help. If you do experience severe symptoms, including a high fever, it is important to seek medical advice in relation to your earache in order to receive appropriate treatment.

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