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Drinks that calm your nerves

woman drinking water

Everyone feels stressed and anxious from time to time. Whether it is about your job, personal life, or finances, there are many reasons why you may feel high strung. If you want a quick fix, you can try these specific drinks to help you calm down. Helping yourself relax, and avoiding added stress, can have an overall positive affect on you health.

Hot beverages: any drink that is warm will immediately help you calm down. Hot beverages raise your body temperature, which is associated with comfort. Whether it’s tea or a cup of hot cocoa, reach for the warm drinks when you’re feeling stressed. Try to avoid coffee, however, as the caffeine may not help you.

Milk: a glass of milk can work wonders, for many different reasons. Milk has a mood enhancing amino acid that has a positive affect on your attitude. Along with other healthy vitamins, milk is a good choice regardless of your mood.

Black tea: tea is the ideal alternative to coffee, especially when it comes to affecting your mood. Research has found that those who drink tea on a regular basis, instead of coffee, have lower stress levels overall. Coffee can also give you an overly alert feeling, which puts you on edge and can increase stress.

Water: simple, but affective. Cold water gets your blood pumping, and can have a simple but positive impact on your mood.

Green tea: like black tea, green tea has many added benefits, including mood boosting properties. This particular tea contains theanine, which is linked with positive brain wave activity. It can sooth away stress, keeping anxious nerves at bay, and increase the feeling of relaxation all at once.

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