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Dr Stephanie Bown

dr-bownThe Medical Protection Society employs many medical professionals who are well respected in their chosen fields. One such medical professional is Dr Stephanie Bown. Dr Bown is a qualified mediator and works within the MPS to promote the interests of the organization to a diverse range of stakeholders.

Having spent 12 years working as a doctor within the NHS, Dr Bown specialized in acute hospital medicine. Dr Bown has also worked within the fields of gynecology and obstetrics. After this Dr Bown went on the work as a General Practitioner.

The Medical Protection Society has well over 260,000 members. If a medical professional is facing legal action or a claim for compensation then they can turn to the MPS for help and advice. Although the society is aimed primarily at supporting doctors and nurses who are facing legal action, they are also committed to people receiving quality healthcare. If someone deserves compensation then the MPS ensures that it is paid with haste.

The MPS also aims to educate medical professionals on the pitfalls that the industry holds and also they investigate quackery. Quackery is the art of somebody posing as a healthcare professional with no qualifications.

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