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Dr Priya Singh

dr-singhDr Priya Singh is a medical professional with a long and varied career within the industry. Dr Singh is a trained mediator who worked in Gibraltar and Africa before taking on a position as a General Practitioner. Dr Singh is a founding fellow of the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicine. Dr Singh now works for the Medical Protection Society.

The Medical Protection Society or MPS is a society consisting of over 260,000 members of the medical profession. Their main aim is to provide support to the members of the society who are facing legal claims from patients as a result of malpractice or accident.

The main aim of the society is to protect its embers from patient claims, but it also helps to make sure that any claims by patients are heard fairly. If a claim is upheld then the MPS ensures that the claim is dealt with quickly.

Dr Singh’s rile within the MPS is an important one. dr Singh is responsible for medicolegal services to the members of the society.

Many doctors and nurses were recently surveyed and they found that the MPS is a highly valued organisation, The vast majority of members recommend the society to fellow workers.

You can find out more about Dr Priya Singh here!

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