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Dog Bite Infection Prevention

unpredictable dog bite

Animals can be unpredictable. No matter how well treated or loved they are they are still animals and by definition can be unpredictable. As they are animals there are no facial features and expressions that we can judge to gauge their mood, and they can’t tell us if they are troubled or upset. So when an animal bites, especially a dog, there may have been no way to see it coming. A dog bite isn’t necessarily serious it could just be a little warning nip to say ‘leave me alone’. The dog bite only becomes serious when the skin has been broken and blood begins to flow.

Take Precautionary Steps
Dog bites if left untreated can become infected, and a dog bite infection will lead to a series of tetanus shots, antibiotics and depending on the country you are in, a series of none too comfortable rabies shots, which unless you have very comprehensive medical insurance could prove expensive. A dog bite if left untreated could lead to septicemia (Blood poisoning), rabies (if prevalent) and severe illness. All of this can be avoided providing that the dog bite received instant first aid and the correct medical care.

A dog bite infection can be avoided by cleaning the wound instantly with an antiseptic wipe or antiseptic solution and then dressing it in a sterile bandage to avoid any airborne infection setting in, ultimately avoiding any expensive dog bite treatment.

Preventing an Animal Bite
The best method of dog bite prevention is to simply not approach any dog you do not know, as you do not know its character and how it is likely to react to you. You can’t be expected to carry a full first aid kit around with you but it is easy to slip a couple of antiseptic wipes into your purse or pocket every time you go out. Dog bite prevention simply involves keeping clear of strange dogs, but dog bite infection prevention relies on having the right tools when you need them.

If a dog bite goes untreated for any length of time it will become infected and require professional medical attention, the best way to avoid expensive medical bills it to avoid being bitten in the first place, but if you are unfortunate enough to receive a dog bite you should seek medical attention to ensure that no sutures are required and the wound is properly cleaned.

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