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Documented Weight Loss Playing Video Games

Mickey DeLorenzo lost weight, and the only thing he changed in his lifestyle was adding daily, 30-minute sessions of playing sports games on his Nintendo Wii – a games console where you play by moving around in real life and your actions are emulated onscreen.

Mickey spent 30 minutes each day playing simulated boxing, tennis or baseball, he has lost 9 pounds since the start of his self entitled “Wii Sports Experiment” on December 3rd. He used both a calorie calculator and body fat calipers to measure his weight loss.

“I lost almost 2 percent of my body fat by doing nothing more than playing video games for an extra 30 minutes every day,” wrote DeLorenzo on his blog. His starting weight was 181 pounds and his current weight is 172 pounds, he changed nothing else of his routine.

Reducing his body fat wasn’t the only benefit, his resting heart rate fell by more than 10 points and his rating on the Body Mass Index fell from 25.2 to 24, taking him out of the “overweight” category and into the “normal” range on the scale.

Playing Wii Tennis with a high tempo for just fifteen minutes burned an average of 92 calories, DeLorenzo found. Bowling took up a slightly lower 77 calories. The best workout by far though, was boxing, which burned calories at a rate of 125 calories for a 15-minute game of jabs and hooks.

To put this all into perspective, an hour of bowling at your local alley can burn up to around 250 calories for an average person weighing 190 pounds, according to the web site ShapeFit.com. That equates to burning 62.5 calories per 15 minutes at a more leisurely pace.

“I’m having my 15 minutes of fame here,” laughs DeLorenzo . His tale of losing weight whilst playing video games has made national headlines.

Exercising using “active” video games like the Wii is nothing new: In 2006, a pilot fitness program in West Virginia integrated Konami’s video game Dance Dance Revolution into Physical Education classes for more than 150 middle schools.

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