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Do I Qualify For Hair Transplant?

healthy hair grafts

Technically speaking, anybody who is balding is a good candidate for a hair transplant. However, other options should always be considered first. The important factor is determining what the factor of hair loss in a patient is likely to be. Transplanted hair never falls out, but the hair that is still there naturally will continue to get lost.

If a patient is still young, therefore, it can be very difficult to really figure out just what the pattern of hair loss is likely to be. Hence, if you have a transplant too soon, the result could be highly unnatural after a number of years.

Small transplants can be really good if you just want your hairline to look a little bit denser. However, it is highly likely that you will require further procedures as you age.

Hair Transplant Technique
In order to have a successful hair transplant, you have to have sufficient donor site as well. Age is not actually the main factor that makes you eligible for hair surgery, but it is something that is considered as well. A good donor site is a site with healthy and strong hair roots. These roots have be thick enough to be eligible for a transplant. They are usually found in the back of the patients head. If eligible roots can’t be found, a donor site is not available and the patient can’t opt for a transplant.

Furthermore, if you have an underlying health condition, perhaps one that is causing the hair loss, then this will also affect whether or not you are a good candidate. The most important thing is that you should be realistic about what the results can be.

Follicular unit grafts can be extracted after testing confirms that the folliculars are strong enough to survive a transplant. Grafting is done usually to an extent of thousands of follicular grafts, which are then implanted in the area where the hairline restoration is taking place.

Other Options
If you are still young, another option would be to look into finasteride or minoxidil. These are great products that make the hair look much thicker. It is generally best, if you do have concerns about losing your hair, to speak to a hair restoration surgeon. He or she has the greatest amount of knowledge on what is going on with your hair, what is likely to happen in the future and what the best course of action is from then on.

A Word of Warning
There has also been an official warning by a prominent surgeon, who has stated that men in their 20s should not consider having hair implant. It is felt that they will almost always regret it several years later. Indeed, only 30% of procedures that hair surgeons perform are first time procedures. The other 70% is done on people who have to come back for more transplants at a later stage. Very often, they need more transplants, or they are unhappy with the results and want it to be changed completely. Indeed, if a man hasn’t actually lost all the hair they are going to lose yet, the result of a transplant is often wholly unsatisfactory. Hence, the procedure can actually be risk to perform on younger people, and many surgeons now won’t allow it on anyone under the age of 30.

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