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Do I Qualify For a Tummy Tuck?

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To put it simple, if your diet and especially fitness routines have reached a dead end and progress with stomach flattening stagnates, you can remove the excessive and sagging skin around your belly area, with the help of an abdominoplasty. It should be the ultimate retouch that gives your body a perfect sporty aspect. However, there are a few more criterion that you have to meet before you can qualify as a tummy tuck candidate. This plastic surgery has to be your last line of defense against aging and it should be applied only in certain conditions.

First of all, I wish to differentiate between tummy tucks and liposuctions. The abdominoplasty is a very complex cosmetic surgery that tightens belly muscles and removes excessive skin and fat. Liposuction deals only with fat and is considered noninvasive. A canula is inserted under the skin and used for sucking fat cells from popular areas like: abdomen, hips, buttocks and others. However, during a complete tummy tuck the surgeon cuts your abdomen horizontally, along the entire waistline, and then shapes your muscles, tissues and skin as needed. It’s a procedure the can last up to five hours and not everyone qualifies for it.

Not Eligible For Tummy Tuck If…
Abodminoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that isn’t considered an alternative to weight loss. It really has to be the left as last option for obtaining a flat abdomen. This means that people who are yet to try a weight loss diet and those that haven’t embarked on a fitness routine, shouldn’t consider a tummy tuck. You first have to try to shape your body naturally, before committing to such an extensive procedure.
Also, women that plan to have a baby will never qualify for abdominoplasty, because the surgery benefits will be overruled during pregnancy.
Patients suffering from other serious diseases that could be aggravated by this procedure should also forget about tummy tucks as do smokers.
If you plan a tummy tuck you should be also aware and consult your doctor about scars that will result after surgery.

Patients Eligible For Abdominoplasty
As with any important surgery, the first condition to qualify for a tummy tuck is to have a good general health. This procedure is performed on both men and women. However, ladies are predominant because they are more prone to developing excessive, sagging skin caused by recovery from pregnancy or after undergoing aggressive weight loss plans.
Ideal candidates for abdominoplasty are those that commit to maintain the positive results with the help of continuous dieting and exercising.
You also have to quit smoking several months before a tummy tuck and forget about it at least during your recovery period. This bad habit triggers blood vessel constriction and prevents oxygen from properly reaching your body, thus increasing the risk of complications and delaying recovery.

Types of Tummy Tucks
Depending on the situation of each patient there are several types of abdominoplasty that can be performed. Your plastic surgeon will personalize the procedure for your own needs as follows:
– Complete Abdominoplasty: is also called traditional tummy tuck, because it’s the most common option. During this procedure the surgeon cuts your abdomen from hip-to-hip. He also makes an incision near the belly button because extended tummy tucks require belly button rearrangement to maintain original proportions.
– Partial Abdominoplasty: is a simplified tummy tuck that requires a simple incision below the navel. It’s less invasive but results are also less spectacular. Surgery duration and recovery time are faster but aesthetic improvements are only visible below the navel.
– Other Abdominoplasties: like extended tummy tucks (covers also the love handles region), endoscopic tummy tucks or circumferential abdominoplasty are less frequent and recommended for sufferers with weak abdominal muscles and other particularities.

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