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Diet Tips for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

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Cancer is one of the widest spread diseases on the globe. Sadly it still is, in many cases, a fatal illness. There are over 100 known cancer types, depending on the organ or cell where they start developing. Around 2 million US citizens are diagnosed with cancer each year, while the world figures average around 15 millions cases. This is why I advise you to read on and discover a few precious diet tips that help cancer prevention and also aid those that already suffer from this terrible disease.

Cancer Causes
Cancer onset occurs when normal cells suffer mutation and degenerate. They start multiplying without control and spread out to other parts of the body using the blood and lymph systems. If the disease is detected too late, it leads to death in the majority of cases.
Cancer can be triggered by genetic factors, stress levels, diet and physical activity, radiation exposure, prolonged sun exposure, smoking and many other environmental factors (like pollution). No matter which cause we take in consideration, there are few tips that can enhance your body’s tolerance to cancer causing factors and thus help you prevent this disease.

Cancer Prevention
It’s common sense to assume that an individual that has a family history with cancer cases, follows a poor diet, is inactive, smokes, lives under stress is more likely to end-up suffering from this disease than an other that lives a healthy balanced life. This is why I encourage everyone to follow a few basic tips that will significantly reduce the risk of developing malign tumors.

Diet Tips for Prevention and Treatment
Incorporate the following foods in your daily meals and prevent cancer through diet. They are listed in order of importance, ‘1’ being the most important. It’s mandatory to know that these tips also help people that where already diagnosed with malign tumors. However, besides following this advice patients will have to undergo medical treatment for the type of cancer they are suffering from, the actual stage of the illness and the location of the tumor.
A. Highly Recommended
1. Citrus Fruits: eat lemons, oranges, grapefruits and other similar fruits. They nourish your body with 58 cancer fighting substances. You won’t find more in any other nourishment.
2. Carrots: contain powerful cancer-fighting chemicals, according to experts from the Newcastle University. The natural nutrients found in carrots reduce inflammation and combat cancer.
3. Beet: juice nourishes your body with much needed nutrients and oxygen. It has been proven that a glass of beet juice increases the oxygen levels of ones blood by 400%. This results in improved cellular respiration, which leads to the elimination of cancer cells. Beet detoxifies your system and contributes to healthy cell regeneration.
4. Garlic: offers your body organic allyl sulfur ingredients which are know as efficient cancer repellents. It’s recommended to eat green garlic if possible.
5. Onion: is also a vegetable from the Allium family (similar to garlic). The organosulfur components provided by onions contribute to carcinogen elimination and cancer development termination.
6. Parsley: provides apigenin as a cancer fighting nutrient. It prevents tumors from spreading and helps with detox.
7. Nuts: Walnuts are also efficient cancer blocking foods. Consuming small amounts of nuts, daily, halves the risk of breast cancer.
8. Whole Wheat: is an efficient anti cancer agent.
9. Cabbage: The anti-cancer effects of red and white cabbage are primarily provided by its powerful antioxidant properties. Thus oxidative stress (a risk factor associated with cancer risks) is avoided.
10. Grapes: nourish your body with 10 flavonoids (antioxidant chemicals) that aren’t found together in any other fruit or vegetable. Their mixture is efficient in stopping cancer.

B. Forbidden
1. Alcohol: increases the risks of developing certain cancer types. It promotes body tissue damage, enhances the effect of other harmful chemicals, lowers the levels of nutrients in your body and much more.
2. Tobacco: is labelled as the single biggest and most avoidable cancer cause in the world. It increases the risks of about 14 types of cancer, the most common being lung cancer.
3. Coffee: causes an important debate about being beneficial or harmful when it comes to cancer. There are studies which blame it and others that promote it as a cancer fighting drink. It would be best to leave it out, or consume it as rare as possible.
4. Bacon & Cooking Grease: keep out.
5. Fried Food: a toxic component known as acrylamid is developed when frying foods. Studies have shown that this compound promotes cancer in rats. So, avoid french fries, potato chips and most fried food. Acrylamid is not present if the same foods are boiled, steamed or microwawed.
6. Smoked Food: Smoking used to preserve foods, contaminates them with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which are carcinogenic.
7. Food with additives, dyes, preservatives and E numbers: are cancer causing nourishment.Quite sure that you don’t need any extra details for this statement.

Other basic nourishment like dairy, eggs and lean meat are also allowed, but it’s recommended to consume them occasionally and with moderation. I’ve collected these cancer fighting diet tips from numerous books written by nutrition specialists like Lalitha Thomas (’10 Essential Foods’), Jean Carper (‘Food – Your Miracle Medicine’) and many others. However, they should not replace the recommendations of your doctor!

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