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Dentists Provide Best Dental Abscess Treatment

Dental abscess treatment

What Causes a Dental Abscess?
A dental abscess is caused by either a tooth that is decaying or a tooth that is broken or cracked in some way. A dental tooth abscess is often caused by poor oral hygiene, delayed dental care or untreated tooth decay – all of these situations are perfect for stimulating bacterial growth. Once infection occurs it is generally not long before a dental abscess is also present. People suffering from diabetes and other conditions that affect their immune system also tend to be prone to tooth abscesses.

Symptoms of a Dental Abscess
People with a dental abscess tend to feel a great deal of pain. Swelling, gum inflammation and redness are also possible. A dental abscess can also cause bad breath, sensitive teeth, pain when chewing, swollen lymph glands and a general feeling of illness. Pus will generate at the site of the tooth abscess which over time will cause the pain to become increasingly severe until the abscess either ruptures or a dentist drains it surgically.

Dental Abscess Treatment
When experiencing an abscess it is important to see a dentist as soon as possible to receive dental abscess treatment. Although people may generally just want relief from the pain it is important to tackle the underlying problem. To tackle the problem initially or until you have time to schedule a dental appointment, painkillers such as parocetamol and ibuprofen can help, as can gargling warm salt water. These methods will temporarily relieve the pain. If the abscess ruptures on its own it is recommended to use warm salt water to cleanse the area.

Dental abscess treatment is important to truly resolve the situation – even if the dental abscess ruptured of its own accord. On a visit to the dentist, your dentist will assess the abscess and then decide on the best form of treatment for your tooth abscess. The treatment required will usually involve surgically draining the abscess. Your dentist may also cut open the dental abscess to allow the infection to drain away, and they may also remove the tooth that caused the abscess in the first place.

A dental abscess is considered to be an emergency condition as if tooth abscess treatment is not completed quickly and properly it is possible for the infection to spread throughout the body. This can result in a general illness and can develop into a life threatening condition such as septicemia. Following treatment your dentist will provide you with a course of antibiotics to completely eliminate the infection. Although a visit to the dentist may not be your top priority it is a given fact that dentists do provide the best treatment for dental abscess.

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