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CPAP and The Sleep Apnea Machine

man using the cpap machine

If you have been told you have to use a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine, you may have mixed feelings about this. Generally, adults are prescribed a CPAP if they have obstructive sleep apneas. Indeed, it isn’t nice to have to sleep with a machine, but you the reality is that it is a treatment and you should be happy that there is something at least.

Mouth Devices for Sleep Apnea
If you do have sleep apnea, which means you stop breathing, during your sleep, due to relaxation of the muscles in the airway, you need a form of treatment. Generally, a physician will always try a mouth guard or other dental appliance first, before opting for CPAP equipment.

A CPAP ensures that you always have constant air going to your lungs, even if you stop breathing. Most people find that with a CPAP, pillow sleeping becomes uncomfortable and they end up giving up on the machine before actually finding its benefits. You can actually learn to live with the machine and you will then find that it makes your life better.

The Five Things that Will Help You Love Your CPAP
Here are five things to consider if you have been prescribed a CPAP for sleep apnea and find you are struggling with it.
1. Always remember the benefits of the sleep apnea machine. Remember that at night, your body is fighting to decide whether to breathe or to sleep. Usually, a balance is found, but if you suffer from apnea, breathing will win, meaning you wake up in order to be able to breathe again. As a result, you will feel excessively tired during the day, resulting in lower concentration at work or at school. With a sleep apnea machine, this struggle is no longer present and you can simply sleep. Although the machine is uncomfortable, the outcome is very comfortable.

2. A CPAP is the best present your partner will ever get. Remember that your partner has to sleep next to you and if you suffer from apneas, it is likely that you are wheezy, that you snore and that you simply stop breathing for short periods of time. This is very frightening and disruptive to your partner as well.

3. Learn about CPAPs and what they are for. If you understand what the mask and machine and other CPAP supplies do beyond the story you heard of your medical professional and whatever is written in your manual, you will find it much easier to understand why you should use a CPAP yourself.

4. Turn the system right for you. Most CPAP systems can be customized so that they are comfortable for you. For instance, you might find a portable CPAP machine to be more suitable for your needs. A few things to remember:
a. Speak to your medical professional about the differences between the various CPAP machines.
b. Make sure your CPAP mask is properly fitted.
c. Upgrade your CPAP machine regularly.
d. If you notice any type of discomfort, speak to your medical professional. By acknowledging that you aren’t comfortable, you can find a solution rather than stopping to use a CPAP altogether.

5. Stick with it. CPAPs aren’t cures, they are treatment. Hence, when you stop using them, you will once again notice all the negative elements of having apnea.

Unfortunately, sleep apnea machines, CPAPs, are not comfortable. It isn’t nice to have a mask over your face and to have a constant flow of air. You will probably notice that your throat becomes dry, that you get a chesty cough and that you end up with quite a lot of mucus in your noses. However, at the same time, these sleep apnea devices help you fight the negative effects of this condition. You will no longer wake up several times per night, thereby never quite managing to reach deep sleep and get rested. Living with apnea is hard and if you are prescribed a sleep apnea mask, try to stick with it, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

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