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Costochondritis Syndrome

man suffering from costochondritis syndrome

This syndrome is down to inflamed cartilage and bones. Known as well as tietze’s it causes chest wall pain happening because of an inflamed area at the rib and breastbone. The cartilage which is keeping these bones together becomes affected and will inflame. The amount of pain it causes depends on the seriousness of the inflamed area but can be fairly painful.

Usually the cause for costochondritis is named as “idiopathic” which basically means unknown. Although that doesn’t mean that this condition is less painful than one which is not idiopathic. The more commonly affected are twenty to forty-year-olds.

The few causes that have been indicated are thought to be due to a traumatic injury. Such as an accident where the persons chest is hit hard, from a fall or a motor accident for example. Viral infections have been named as causes before as well.

Pain to the upper chest and also the arms and shoulders are known symptoms. Pain being felt during a deep breath is a well known and usual symptom. Exercising can cause the pain to be more extreme and just touching the area will be awfully painful. As there exist more dangerous conditions in this area such as heart related complications, costochondritis will be diagnosed only once removing these from the equation.

Unfortunately as of this time there aren’t any absolute treatments to cure this condition. To help with the symptoms stop or cut back on any activity that causes pain to the area otherwise you may lengthen the time it takes to heal.

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