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Common Signs that You are Living Near a Meth Lab

busted meth lab

Nobody, except for a methamphetamine addict, wants to live near a meth lab. Because the cooks (the people who turn ordinary household items and pharmaceuticals into an illegal drug) are working with unstable concoctions, the lab could conceivably explode at any time. Anybody who lives near that lab will suffer the consequences of the cook’s actions, which isn’t fair or right at all.

If you suspect that you might live near a meth lab, look for these signs. If most or all of them are present, you can report this information to your local law-enforcement agency or drug task force so that they can investigate, and break up, the dangerous drug lab next door.

The people who operate meth labs like to hide their criminal activities. They will often black out their windows, usually with spray paint. In some cases, they’ll set up spotlights that point directly at the street. That way, anybody who looks in their direction will be blinded by the lights and not be able to see what’s happening.

The actual lab section of the house will be reinforced and heavily protected. Meth labs have in the past been protected by everything from “no trespassing” signs to guard dogs to barbed-wire fences.

If the area frequently smells like strong cleaning products, it’s either a cleaning woman’s home or a meth lab. Meth labs often smell like ammonia.

Meth can be made with all sorts of common objects. Canisters of camp stove fuel, ammonia, a big pile of pseudoephedrine-loaded products (like sinus medication) and lithium batteries are just a few of these items.

There are a few other, weirder items that meth cooks use too. Coffee filters with red stains are good signs that a meth lab is in operation.

You should also look out for excessive trash. Meth labs go through massive amounts of plastic soda bottles, duct tape, coffee filters, sandwich baggies, etc.

Meth cooks have to ditch the evidence – expended propane tanks, for example – somewhere. They often dump by roadsides, but not always very far from the lab.

Meth cooks have to sell their products to somebody. If lots of traffic comes and goes from the house, motel room, whatever – especially at night – that’s a good indication that there’s a person cooking up meth inside.

The users themselves will also have distinctive appearances. They’ll often be nervous and “twitchy.” Many have red sores all over their bodies. They’re usually very skinny, like to be awake at night and can go for a few days straight without napping or sleeping.

If you suspect that your neighbors are running a meth lab, stay as far away as possible. Inhaling the fumes and other byproducts can make you sick. Also: the chemicals aren’t very stable. At certain stages of the cooking process, exposure to air or water can cause explosions.

The safest response is to call law enforcement and report the suspicious activities. You can even write down descriptions of people and vehicles (including license-plate numbers) that come and go from the lab so that the police will have someplace to start investigating.

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  • Kayla December 27, 2009, 9:40 pm

    What if you find a old hose and millions of cans and jugs that look old and a torn bag with white stuff in it would that be a mehy lab???.

  • Tricia O'Connor June 16, 2010, 2:07 pm

    Hi, thanks for the information. In the little town that I am in, the reports of suspected ‘meth cooking’ were laughed at by the Fire and Safety commisisoners. The board of health employee laughed too with, ‘are you afraid it’s going to blow up?”
    Liz finally moved away, her place, (the other half of the semi I live in) is a pile of trash, three stories high. The smell of ammonia was always blamed onto my cat, (huh!), but 4 dumpsters and counting show that she lived in filth for years. Poor kids, (two boys, ages 13 and 6) were finally removed from the home. The landlord is ‘cleaning up’ but without hazmat protocol. A warning to anyone who wants to rent the place in future: 78 Grove Street in Welland, Ontario is unsafe. Her clients do not forget the address, they still come by like stray cats. Stay far away.

    • jenny November 19, 2016, 11:30 am

      my husband and I have a neighbour who is cooking meth.my eyes burn and my husband has had a bypass which the fumes are giving him chest pains.what we are annoyed about is that we have contacted the police and they are not interested.we live in Australia.what is someone supposed to do after an episode at the gold coast queensland not long ago where a Victorian footballer died from someone making meth at a lab.signing off someone is discusted in the law.they do not care.too much paperwork.

    • Meth cook July 21, 2017, 7:24 pm

      I have your name and it’s going on a list for all the other meth cooks to see

      • Tiredmom September 13, 2017, 2:23 pm

        I hope that’s not a death threat you just made Meth Cooker. I hope the administrators of this site investigate such comments and charge you with verbal assault. And if anything happens to that person, they hunt you down like a dog. From a mom who has a child charged with meth posession with intent. Think about who you are killing. Will you be so proud when the police hand you YOUR loved one in a body bag because of drug addiction or being exposed to Meth labs???!!!

  • Brian August 3, 2010, 7:39 pm

    Hello I live in Eden NY and its the perfect example of a little farm town where everyone covers up for everyone. I have neighbors that live downstairs from me and they have all the symptoms of a meth lab. The basment light is on at two in the morning and people come and go during the night. We also smell ammonia and gasoline coming from the basement. I have contacted the local police and they say if you dont like this town move. Is there any higher source than the local police I can go to to take care of this?

    • Chantel Daley February 20, 2013, 3:26 am

      The police do nothing, their pretty much corrupt. I even had pictures and vidios of it from across the street, and they did nothing. I had to move away from Sarcoxie, MO. 80 percent dri.k, 50 percent druggies. Sad but true!! These are the times we live, when people don’t have Christ as their Lord and Savior.

      • annoyedashell May 13, 2013, 6:01 am

        So like I am getting completly fustrated and angered at the fact that my manager moved in this freak who seriously Is WEIRD and you can tell this person is on like lots of drugs . The person obviously is a compulsive liar and lies through h teeth . I haven’t had any peace in the last 2 months to think I have to deal with this crap and this is the guys 3rd warning witch My management lied to me and said that they were going to give him his 30 days to move out yet I am just finding out because I had called the p and told them about all this trafficking that happens all freaking day. The persons door never closes and is up all freaking day I have been sleeping through the day and staying up all night because this guy has weird men coming and you can hear women like if they are being abused oh yea but don’t call the p because they take like 7 mins and don’t do shit I mean what are police for they don’t protect you and don’t make a complaint because the p put you in harms way by telling the person who made the complaint putting you at risk for these weirdos to do something to you. This guy is seriously ripping away at me and I have been getting anxiety not to mention the stench that I have been smelling is disgusting and I wake up now not being able to breathe and I KNOW it is this place because I left to my parents home for 2 days and I felt 1000 times more better . I absolutely know this guy has to have a lab in his house like this guy barely does sleep and like people are always fighting . What are my rights I am about to report this complex to the housing because I am unable to even live my life and the management doesn’t even care that this is affecting me its funny that they move a man that looks like that near a women who is living alone and there isn’t anyone else living on this side and like if something happens this is their doing and they are responsible for what happens

    • Kay April 17, 2015, 9:35 pm

      Yes you can contact your Atty Gen also get an email for your local drug police detective. Don’t give up but do make plans to move. Owners don’t want their property on a meth list and keep your actions to yourself they are watching you just to see how much you know. You are a risk to them. Keep a log of all actions.

      • Lynn October 6, 2016, 7:54 pm

        I have my very hateful neighbor on video flashing porch light then making a deal. His landlord leaves right before then returns after.
        Mom and I have had 1,000’s of dollars sabotaged. Cars, 2 riding mowers, etc. Even my propane and electrical wires cut. He lives in my step brothers rental trailer.
        Since my step brother got 3 of the 5 acres and not all this has been going on. Even dead snake at my elderly mom’s door.
        Was told be neighbor that he will shoot and kill everyone of us.
        But the law called my phone (after I begged that last mower be printed) to tell me that the neighbor Mr ….. is a nice guy. I didn’t tell his name. Hmmmm?
        He’s a convicted arsonist. Yet law says good guy.
        Last incident he and my step brothers wife took another dog I was caring for and tied it to his truck. Called animal control said dog killed his rabbit. Rabbit is fine. But the dog catcher lied for him and said the dog killed rabbit.
        So what the hell? Mom and I have to live in fear because the entire county is on the side of the arsonist.
        Always smell something horrible from his place. But law told me I don’t know what I’m talking about.

        • Laura Glover December 22, 2016, 12:18 am

          I called the police to come out an check my permiter he says he smells nothing sees nothing looking at me all crazy.. Runs my information like I’m crazy…. Well they are still doing it an I have a horse An dog outside … If them chemicals are in my horse when I take him to vet…. They will be the ones calling the law… You don’t screw around with my Horse or my animals…. I swear to the good lord they will be calling a hurst…….. Instead of the Grest an Proud police ….

      • batmam October 7, 2017, 3:04 pm

        FYI, the City Attorneys duty, as well as the Atty General is to protect the best interest of city they serve from lawsuits against the city. But if
        you live in a multi unit apartment, duplex etc. The landlord is liable for the issue of annoying tenants disturbing the quiet enjoyment of other tenants. Same goes for drug labs, dealers etc. You are entitled to ask for rent reduction of 50% at least, and starting from the month the problem started upsetting you, and until the problem is corrected. Landlords could be liable for punitive damages for allowing the problem to continue. Read your tenants rights laws for your area. Document all calls, and complaints you make. Get the names and titles of you talked to. Make video or audio and take pics of the wrong doers when incriminating activity is happening. Get licence plate if buyers, log the make n models of cars and age, race, ht, wt etc of culprits coming and going. If you want help you have to help yourself by giving authorities what they need to be able to help you. Read the laws re landlords duty to tenants. Remember, one of your tenants rights you are entitled to is quiet enjoyment. Read up on it. When its not quiet and your miserable and not happy, you have rights. Good luck.
        Sorry if I made typos, I’m using my cell phone to type.

  • Kay August 12, 2010, 9:02 am

    Thanks for the tips…at least I’m not 100% crazy or anything. My husband and I want to move into this place that we are able to rent and afford. The only problem is that we suspect a meth dealer right next door. The guy has excessive amounts of small propane tanks behind his house…some are in piles just laying there by the outside of our fence and his place and he has many trash bags behind there as well. I’m saying there must be over 100 of those bottles just by looking at it. His windows are blacked out, but it looks like he uses something like sheets of aluminum foil. I’ve noticed when I’ve been over to the house, there are webcams under the trim of his roof. Now he has two webcams instead of one, and they are the nice weatherproof ones, too. I notice that he rarely comes out of the house, but I remember one time I saw him and he looked like a bum. His hair was a mess, he was creepy looking, he was very thin, and I didn’t notice any open sores, nor did I pay attention for them. It has been a year or so since I’ve actually seen him so who knows how much worse he may look like now. Sometimes people stop by his house, go inside, and come back out within a few minutes. The weird thing is, is when I have been at our new place, I haven’t smelled anything. Then again, I haven’t officially moved in yet. The times I have been over at the place, I haven’t smelled anything like cleaning products, or any other bizarre smell, but everything else leads me to assume it’s a meth lab. At least I know some other possible things to look for. I’m just concerned that the place could be a fire hazard, and a possible danger. I’m just not sure if law enforcement would take it seriously since it’s not in the best of neighborhoods.

    • Dennis March 30, 2012, 8:39 am

      This person could be me. I live a single life. There is no body but me. Sometimes I don’t shave for two or three days. Some times I can’t afford razor blades. I have Parkinson’s disease, I live on disability. I am not your regular dead beat. I worked 35 years before I got on disability. I have a no trespass sign up and a electric fence sign. I live in a bad neighbor hood. I also have razor wire all the way around my back yard. The only people that really complain about my little fort that I live in are the dope heads and people that want to steal for a living. Some times I don’t cut my grass like I should. But have you looked at the price of gasoline lately. For somebody that is poor, I am not going to cut my grass every week. Money is hard to come by. But if you smell any bad stuff in the air. Its probably one of my neighbors making meth or burning their garbage. But I don’t take drugs and I don’t make drugs. Before I started reading all of these comments on this site, I was counting my money to see if I could afford grocery’s this week. We got this President that you probably voted into office that gives his bale out money to banks, other country’s and people that really don’t need any money. And you will probably vote him into office for another term. Because there is a lot of stupid greedy people in this world. One more thing, those are not web cams, those are video cameras. You see if I catch you on my property, I can record you and haul your ass into court. I can have my proof that you were on my property, you can’t lie out of it. All of those propane tanks and aluminum could be somebody is trying to collect scrap metal so he could make a few extra bucks at the recycle center. And now you know the rest of the story.

      • Liz September 25, 2012, 4:26 am

        I agree with you! You are doing the best you can and there are people out there who appreciate your ability to make it work. Good night!

  • edited November 11, 2010, 2:21 am

    ive been living next to a man who is a cooker and we have told the police about it for 3 years and they wont do a thing about it. we are disabled and dont have much money. ft wayne indiana should be ashamed of themselves for not doing anything!

    Admin edit – I’ve removed your name. If you are going to accuse your neighbour of being a dealer, probably best not to attach your name to it :)

    • Tricia O'Connor August 19, 2011, 3:22 pm

      please remove my name from the above post as well, thanks

  • Robert January 14, 2011, 9:33 pm

    The police department in Mead, Washington, just laughed at me when I reported the townhouse next to mine. My friend had the same experience in Huntington Beach, California. Why do the police just laugh at us? They don’t even check it out.

  • T March 1, 2011, 9:10 pm

    Is there any danger living next door to a meth lab other than the risk of fire and type of people coming and going? For example will fumes effect your garden or flowers? I know a family that plant a huge garden each year but are now getting afraid to eat from it because they believe the neighor is cooking meth.

  • sally March 31, 2011, 10:17 am

    my daughter is moving to a house that was tore up how can you know if it was a meth house

  • BB, Ohio April 14, 2011, 5:28 pm

    I moved to a mobile home park, been here 3 weeks and I’m having respiratory problems. and ther is a funky smell (smells like, a mixture of sulfer, or strange sewer scent its an odd scent) in two rooms at the end of this trailer ( I hate this type of living) I noticed the trailer behind mine (about 10 feet) the people do not live in it, but they visit a couple hours a week, Like maybe 2 half days a week. Im efing scared they are doing something in there. I got a good look at their place, broken blind are pulled up and black coverings over them to block anyone from looking out or in. No one lives like that, very non esthetic. They also drive a nasty 70’s van and another old car. No one sleeps there, or leaves from the place daily. Wonder if the land lord is protective of these people? I swear once I find out they may be doing somthing shaddy I will go NUT CRAZY on their azz’s

  • Maria July 15, 2011, 3:04 am

    I don’t blame you for being angry. I have lived near meth labs twice now in the past 2 years and now I suspect someone in my apartment building is cooking. After having the upstairs apartment (Above my unit) where it was being cooked and then moving into a temporary home, only to have the house raided three doors down for meth, I can tell you what the odors are like. Blacking out the windows does not always occur. One thing I did notice from the upstairs apartment was lots of bottles and cold med. thrown in their trash. They didn’t even try to hide it. The smells range from burnt acetone (like a nail salon on fire) or laundry that has been sitting in the washer for a month. Extremely sour. I have smelled the burnt acetone when the house 3 doors down was cooking too. Another sign is that those smells are more noticeable at 3 or 4 am when meth is usually being made. last week I was woke up by an odor at 4 am, the same one I’ve experienced before. I walked up 2 flights of stairs to see if the odor was coming from my apartment building. I didn’t detect anything. I suspect its in a nearby building on the property. I have had no luck with the police or landlords with the duplex I lived in. With the house 3 doors down, the police were on it right away. I’m not sure whether the type of residence makes a difference. I had called the police, emailed, called the landlord and make a nuisance of myself. Nothing was ever done in the duplex. The guy who was cooking beat up the girlfriend and she got a restraining order after I moved out. (Too little to late). She moved out right after. I sent the landlord a letter after I bought cheap meth testing kits online and discovered positive results for residue in my apartment. We shared common plumbing though separate heating systems. I hate meth users and quit a job working with addicts because of my lack of empathy for them. I’m just angry that they put my child and others at risk. Meth users will get behind the wheel and have no concept of a red light. It’s not even like a drunk who realized the light is red but takes too long to stop. It’s like they don’t even see the light. I was at a shopping center one day and saw a car nearly run people over at the light. She didn’t even slow down and the light was clearly red. I followed the car and it pulled into a fast food restaurant. I got a license number and called the police. This was near a shopping center where lots of mommas with baby strollers are crossing the street.

  • Eva September 4, 2011, 12:58 pm

    I have been smelling “garbage” quite frequently, can’t locate the source, but was told by a police friend that it is sure sign of meth lab. (I live in apt. complex) Lately, my hair is falling out, fingernails becoming brittle, lots of joint and muscle pain. Sometimes at night, I wake up coughing violently and nose and throat irritated. I wonder if I am breathing fumes from a meth lab?

  • GLL September 22, 2011, 3:13 am

    I live near a Meth lab. It’s been here for 3 years. They were cooking between 12 am -4 am but now cook about every 3 hours or so around the clock. They started setting off firecrackers a few months ago and can go for 6+ hours then take a short break, cook, go outside and start setting off firecrackers for hours, again. It’s a nightmare. I can’t move from here. I’ve been getting headaches, had trouble breathing, get dizzy, and nauseated. I sent an online report form to the police but they won’t do anything. I can’t go snooping around to try to find the lab, either. I don’t know if anyone has complained that lives next to them. Just to give you an idea how bad the fumes can get in my place they almost killed my cat .

  • martha c February 5, 2012, 11:18 am

    I too could not get police to take action on the meth lab on the other side of the duplex I live in, here is what I did and boy did it work and fast too, the police were trying to help me within 1 hour. First WRITE DOWN times its made, what it smells like and what signs you see in the tenants find out what the person or persons names are, do this carefully or not at all, write down as many car tag numbers of their visitors as you can safely get. This gives the police a lot more to work with than just your say so, dont let officers in uniform come to your door you dont want anything to tip these people off. Its better not to draw attention to yourself than to help the police but it does help your case with them. I had to call the witness victim hotline in our capital city and then I called the state attorney generals office and complained about the police, I had 4 phone calls from the cops with dogs In this state they can write their own warantsand together we are planning a sting these cops want to get them as much as I do. NOTE BE CAREFUL NEVER APPROACH THESE PEOPLE OR THEIR LABS. IF YOU CANT BE SAFE LEAVE IT ALL TO THE POLICE stay out of their trash its dangerous.

  • Carol February 29, 2012, 3:00 pm

    I am currently living in a small town in the midwest. There is a rental house next door to me. It has all of the signs of a meth house. On trash day they have more trash than the rest of the block combined. Early mornings a very heavy chemical ammonia smell, anywhere from 4 to 20 2 minute visitors from 11:00 pm to 4:00 am. No grass in many areas of the yard, what is there is rust colored, condoms all over the place, trash piled high with many red gas containers and the back door is open 24-7 with so much trash in the doorway that it is a fire code issue and is clearly visable from the alley. The police only laugh at me when I call. I am now taking photos and videos. Time before last when I called the police one of my dogs was given something- this was confirmed by the vet. Now, the drug cop is following me when he sees me drive thru town. He is also sitting in front of a neighbors house who leaves for work and has also seen the suspicious activity. Drug cop just gave me a ticket for flashing my brights, in order to teach me a lesson. My gut feeling is that he is protecting this drug house and is getting money to ignore and watch anyone who might cause a problem. I plan on moving. I own this house paid cash. I am only in this town because my mom is 88 and refuses to go into an assisted living situation. I am her primary caretaker. Her family roots go back 6 generations in this community, she will not understand me having to ditch town. Right now I am just as fearful of the police as I am the activity next door. I have 65 photos and videos of activities next door, cars during the day, activity at night etc. I want to go to the Sheriff, however, his brother owns one of the largest business’s in town. This is all so inbred. The only reason I am in this town is because of my mom’s refusal to move. She has macular degeneration and still insists on driving. Tried to get the police to do something about that too and they refused. I am a college graduate, who was a VP at a Fortune 500, have neighbors who are college graduates and work as school teachers. So the neighbohood is not total slum bucket.
    Busting a meth house is an expensive proposition due to the haz mat remediation that must take place after the bust. The average cost is 100k or more. It really helped me to read these posts and realize that police ignoring ( in this case helping) a meth house is a nationwide problem.

  • barbara c May 16, 2012, 2:01 am

    I’ve had to move 3 times because of drug manufacturing. At one place I lived at , I too felt as though the management of the apt complex and police were in on it also. My manager wouldn’t even come into my apartment and smell the retched smell of meth even after I had gone into his office visibly ill from it. Other tenants smelled it in my apt and became ill, one woman even called the cops. They claimed they smelled nothing. It’s tough to beat as there is not much cooperation . And yet a friend of mine called the sheriff’s department and a detective got right on it and they did a drug bust in less than a month. This was for a hand full of teens who were smoking and selling weed. I guess it all depends on who is willing to help. I am now living in apt 3 and this one also comes with a bio chemist wanabe living below me. It cost me well over fifteen hundred dollars for this move. I cannot afford to move again. These cockroaches are everywhere and they have no regards whatsoever for human life other than there own and their next fix. My downstairs neighbor knows I’m on to him and he has a hatred for me . He has become spiteful and is tormenting me. I swear he is the devil himself. I refuse to give in or give up , even though I have been told to be careful as these animals are dangerous. What will they do? kill me? the way I look at it they are already slowly killing me every day.

    I feel for all of you as I know first hand what kind of hell this can be. I wish you all much luck and blessings.

    • Sick of it all July 31, 2012, 6:59 pm

      I find it interesting that the sheriff had no problem whatsoever busting kids for weed, but the meth lab gets to keep on keeping on. WOW…sick world we live in.

  • bee gee May 28, 2012, 5:23 am

    I too live over a 24/7 meth lab in NYC. I’ve been trying to get the cops to do something about it for over 2 yrs. but they ignore everything. I can’t afford to move but these people are ruining my life. When there are not caustic fumes of acids & lye & strong iodine they’re cooking it & sending it up into my apartment. The cooking fumes smell like burning plastic, burning rubber, cat urine, heavy ammonia, burning fat, curdled milk, sewage, burning garbage, exhaust fumes, ether. I woke up one morning to a bitter almond smell. First they put an acid on it then they put ether on it which got rid of it. They’ve filled the hallway with ether fumes. On Feb. 1st, the building’s sewer was on fire & the smell of heavy ammonia permeated the whole block all afternoon & eve. Still the cops do nothing after all my complaints. They won’t be satisfied until the see people dead, an explosion or a fire. Perhaps then they’ll pay attention.

  • Joseph June 18, 2012, 2:32 pm

    Listen everybody. If you want to bust them all you need to do is call. We tip or call the police and ask to speak to Narcotics dept. when they say why say i have a tip ask to be transfered to dope. When the agent gets on tell him detailed what you think don’t lie ever to the agent or your done. Give times places events smells running water if traffic etc mostly lic plates . And don’t be afraid of them call the cops if they start stuff that will give cops prob cause to enter. Remember if they get raided and nothing turns up you will not get attention any more from the police like you would in the beginning.

  • Doug June 25, 2012, 5:38 am

    It’s bad in Belton, Texas. Live right next to one in nice, quiet neighborhood, so obvious and complaints from multiple neighbors over many years but nearly nothing is done by police. Stinks to high heaven sometimes and other times nothing, still other times heavy perfumed smell. Heavy traffic between 11 and 3 am but only on my property, refusing to use their own but have them come past my bedroom all night and that of my child. Put in lots of drainage and have lots of repair vehicles vehicles coming to the house regularly. Scare away. legitimate. people from nearby but have strangers who don’t know their name come in and out for a few minutes at a time.

  • Doug June 25, 2012, 6:16 am

    Should add that I have been burglarized incessantly after complaining to police and police stand at my front door without checking windows or doors or talking fingerprints and tell me that they can’t take a burglary report because there are no signs of forced entry. They claim it is impossible for someone to come in a locked window without breaking it but refuse to look at the scrape marks near the latches and see for themselves. Locksmiths, security companies etc. have told me how they do it but police say I could not have been burglarized. When I saw one stuffing my belongings into his car, police refused to come. The few reports they may have written were highly inaccurate according to those who saw them but they wont correct them. Some people suggest some relationship to a person in local power. Some suggest payoffs. Don’t know for sure but there are suspicious indications. Can’t understand why the inaccurate reports or no reports or refusal to come. Obviously some officers seem very concerned and honest but nothing ever gets done even if it is confessed and or witnessed. Used one of the accomplices as a “neutral witness” to dispute what was confessed. When I reminded police that he had been heavily involved with the confessed criminal and had been seen tampering with evidence, the detective responded, “So you say.” But the relationship between the two is well known. So, the crime goes on, and they enter my house within minutes if I leave it unattended. They were two mornings in a row in my home while I was sleeping with my bedroom door closed. I heard them and there were items missing. Did he expect me to go running out in the hall after the intruder? What if the intruder were armed? My dog obviously knew the intruder because there was no barking. So, the police refused to write it up as a burglary. Maybe they will after all. But historically, they have minimized or ignored the crimes. The burglars do things in such a way that if you report them, they seem improbable because they are atypical and apparently the police think if its not typical it never happened. The educated criminals beat the police every time. Doctors who wont diagnose atypical cases even though they are well documented as part of a certain condition’s caseload leave many people to suffer and perhaps die early. The Belton Police are doing the same. One even told me he is a Christian and wants to do the right thing, but he refused to set up a sting when the people were dependably coming in within minutes of my leaving my home. Could have put those people in prison a year ago, but he didn’t have time. I pay thousands in taxes every year and so far over $100K in stolen property which the police act like is imaginary. And in all cases they have declined to talk to witnesses corroborating my testimony, telling me it is “not necessary.” Why? Because they consider the criminals, including one who has done a lot of favors for a judge, to be credible witnesses. Interesting the connections between several of the people. One told me that because of his connections with judges and commissioners he is “bulletproof and that one judge would fix things for him. Believing that judge was in fact honest, I tried to warn him about what was being said, but he told me he had to remain neutral in case he had to take the car. I actually hadn’t yet told him what I wanted to talk to him about. He just assumed it was about a court case. Why would he think he could do it and not recuse himself? I would simply say don’t ne fooled by all the churches in Belton. I guess there are a lot of decent people, except not one of them would stand up against a crooked public decant or a crook. It is the wild west in Belton, Texas. Underneath the home town friendliness, that is. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. Just pretend it doesn’t exist. And let the outsiders pay taxes and be destroyed. I look forward to a normal life someday. And I work very hard not to allow myself to be bitter. I have chosen not to do as people suggest and take things into my own hands. It wouldn’t be worth it to me.

  • dearme June 26, 2012, 1:32 pm

    How the hell do you get to talk to a narcotic detective? If you call, you get an answering machine. If you go to the police station, their department door is locked and no one answers. I know they won’t talk about an ongoing investigation but, FFS, can’t they return a phone call and say they received your message? All I want to know is that I found someone who is LISTENING.

    The smell of acetone from next door wafts straight into my apartment for some reason and I feel the effects of it in my chest. I have slight asthma but something tells me it’s about to get worse.

    What’s the use of moving? Odds are, I’ll go someplace that I like less and find another meth lab nearby. What I feel sorry for are the kids living in that apartment building. They don’t have a chance.

    And as for explosions, well, let’s say that when the acetone smells got really bad, I realized that that horrible loud explosion from a few weeks ago must have come from next door. (At the time, it was hard to tell where it came from.) What REALLY gets me is that the other three apartments in that building obviously didn’t call the police when part of their own building exploded. Surely they felt it even if it didn’t blow the front wall off the place, right?

    And here I can’t even buy allergy meds without showing my ID. Yeah, THAT’S working great, huh?

  • Me July 26, 2012, 5:56 am

    We have a neighbor that lives above us & we see people in & out of her apt. at all hours of the day, some stay 5 mins. some stay longer. We have over 30 plate #’s from the last month alone. She has ms-13 & Sons of Silence chapter members going up there. People bring empty backpacks & leave with them full & vice versa. Or take a speaker box up there & leave with it 10 mins. later. The cops told us what she is doing is NOT illegal ( even her getting high around her little kids) & tonight my neighbor had to call for paramedics because her & her 2 kids got sick from the smell coming from the apt. The firefighters said that because their machine didn’t pick up any chemical measurements ( even though they admitted it smelled “thick” around her apt.) That they couldn’t do anything & everyone probably got sick in an instance due to the flu. Makes me so mad that people think this is a joke. We called the drug unit almost a month ago but no call back. It is a pain having to listen to the noise from her apt. ( people stomping around 24 hours a day, loud music, banging) & having my husband lose time at work because he is too tired to function, let alone having to look at the people that frequent her apt. ( sores all over & bleeding, unable to walk or drive, “tweaking” really bad. My kids have gotten a first hand look at what meth will do to you, not to mention the exposure they are getting health wise. If I had the money to move I would, especially being this state “cracks down” on meth, yet laughs in your face unless it’s a big dealer doing it.

  • Sick of it all July 31, 2012, 7:08 pm

    I’ve experienced this time and time again where the criminals are protected by the cops for obvious reasons..either it’s nepotism or the criminal’s made a plea bargain. Right now I live here in Hawaii..whatever you do DON”T COME HERE…it’s all lies about the beauty and pristine..it’s UGLY…POLLUTED…CORRUPT..DRIPPING WITH DRUG USE AND METH..THE GARDEN ISLAND SUCKS. If you are stupid enough to actually come live here then it’s on you.. you will get sick and die of lung cancer or some kind of cancer..the cops mostly are corrupt..prosecutors too…if you’re thinking about sending your life savings to come live in “paradise” don’t choose any of the Hawaiian islands at all. THE MEXICAN DRUG CARTEL IS TAKING OVER THIS PLACE…they are taking over Texas, Arizona, California and now Hawaii..Phillipinos too. Lots of rednecks too from the mainland. Kauai only wants you to come live here if you’re willing to destroy it and turn it into an agricultural wasteland or a rundown polluted drug infested city.
    If you have money and care for your health, they only want your money and want you to leave..so much for aloha…

  • CLB August 13, 2012, 10:45 am

    Reading everyone’s stories here leaves me with more questions. Currently I live in the second largest city in Colorado, and in my particular apartment complex, it’s rather bad. Upstairs, I have to put up with some arguing drunks every night, and in one particular apartment I know they’re using some sort of illegal substance – I think crack, as I saw one of these individuals using right out in the open at the picnic table by the pool while on my way inside one night after I got off work.

    Right now, I’m really worried about one of my neighbors. A few weeks back, he beat his girlfriend badly to the point of going to jail. I’d heard rumors of him doing cocaine from the people who lived next door to me, but knowing how often they argued, I just shrugged it off and figured he was more the type to use marijuana. Since he beat up his ex-girlfriend though, I have watched things go downhill from there. The day she moved her stuff out (most of the apartment), I watched as two of her friends carried an entertainment center out.

    Now whether they noticed it or not is beyond me, but I saw a meth pipe drop out of the thing as I was standing outside. I did have the courtesy to alert this guy’s ex-girlfriend, and she didn’t seem surprised, telling me that she had troubles with him using drugs in the past. She didn’t appear very happy about it to say the least, though – how she never spotted it is beyond me…that is if she wasn’t using herself. But that’s besides the point.

    Since she moved out, this guy has been back in the apartment. I’ve seen a lot of strangers go in and out of his apartment day and night. They are most active with going in and out constantly between 7 PM and 3 AM, and recently a couple I didn’t recognize was banging on his door at 5 in the morning while I was leaving for work. The noise has been non-stop off and on, and at several points I’ve noticed a strong smell of marijuana constantly coming from his apartment.

    To top it off, every person I’ve seen enter and exit his place has looked high to a certain degree. Late last night (I’m currently on vacation time from my job), I stepped outside with my girlfriend and we both noticed what smelled like gasoline in the vicinity of his apartment. This brings me to my main point – what exactly does that sort of smell mean? Does it mean the guy is possibly manufacturing meth or what? I don’t really see much to indicate he’s using his apartment as a lab – the blinds do tend to be drawn and he has a pet cat, but between that smell, the constant foot traffic going to and from his apartment that I and several others have noticed whenever we’re home, and now that gasoline-like smell…what do I make of the situation? I know he has blue lighting of some sort shining through his blinds while parking my car every night. It’s hard to miss that when my parking space is directly in front of this guy’s place, too. What do I do?

  • Vera August 26, 2012, 4:53 pm

    Im don’t know what to do where to start! I know one of my nieghbors deffinetly sells illegal narcotic pain medicaition.also they sell that BathSalt stuff! They make it a familly afair. There are 2 houses at the end of the circle. One belongs to the parrents of the house accross the way.in which their son lives there with his familly & several young children. Both yards are filled with trash. I usest to think the strong ammonia smell & the patches of what at bfirst appered as chemically burnt grass was due to their several unkept dogs that freely run around our nieghborhood!but last tues.I noticed smoke comeing from their chimney. My husband. And I thought it was rather odd to have a fire in the fire place. Durring the heat of the summer. Also why would u have AC units in the windows & we could hear them running? I’m scared don’t know what to do or know who to contact for help. I already called local police.they told me that they couldn’t just go up & knock on their doo

  • Vera August 26, 2012, 5:11 pm

    Cont. Door unless they committed a crime where the police would have to be called to their ressidence…how do we get help then?ttheir traffic mainly consist of what appear to be young high school kids.they never stay for more than 10mins.m at a time. I’ve seen these suspected buyer vist both houses.the sons & the parrents house accross the st. How I know about them the parrents selling oxycotin & opannas(in which never heard of opannas befor don’t know what that is?)perscription narcotics.is about 3 weeks ago now.at around 12:20am. I was outside walking my dog so he could do his bedtime bathroom biussness when a marroon staition wagon pulled in the parrents drive.the young male stepped out of his we vehicle

  • Vera August 26, 2012, 5:31 pm

    Went & knocked on their side window.which was odd.I could hear the mother/grandmother tell the young man that she was waiting for her doctors app. At a pain management clinic till she would be able too”re up.then & she would have everything.opannas & oxycotin then”.as the nieghbor hood was quite.I. could hear their whole. Conversation.I heard the mother talk to the young man in the marroon staition wagon from her window(leaveing names out.for our safety)my son made a batch today and its some ” pretty good shit”.the mother went on to say I’ll meet you at the door.I want you to try this batch. I watched the young man entered the house.leaveing a few min. Later. These people think that they own are nieghborhood.they yell & carry on all hrs. Of the night.please I need help don’t know who to call that will do something! At the least remove those young children from their. Homes! I also do suspect the youngest has been molested!please help

  • Amanda October 7, 2012, 4:21 am

    I feel alone right now. I just figured out ive lived 2 houses down from a meth house for years- about 2 years ago my mother passed from cancer- im always depressed- skin is a wreck, weight is always low- and i always feel off. Ive paid more attention to his house- at times there was a good amount of traffic- looked like they were being prety careful- it was mostly the homeowners son arriving in one car- staying for 5 minutes, than coming back in 30 mins in another car- staying for a few minutes, than leaving *this went on all night *. Also the smells – varnish, paint thinner, gas, amonia, and horrid rotting egg smell that makes you want to die. I even heard him say” yeah their pissed because they can smell it” (He has heard me go outside and say “man it fucking wreaks out here” ) . ive seen the home owners son go up to a car- stick his arm in than leave back to house. I called the environmental officers just to complain about the smells/ fumes- they did fuck all- at this point i had no idea that drug dealling/ cooking was going on, until i saw him do a drug deal right outside the home. I live in ontario- and my street has gone to hell- luckily the drug investigators were respondible for a bust a few houses down- but not for meth- cocain i think. So i know they take this stuff serious. I made the call 2 months ago, so i called the investigator – he just said yeah were watching the house, i was there last week. I called the cops one night because i could smell the rotting egg smell- by the time they showed up the smell somewhat dissapeared- they looked at me like iwas crazy. Its turned me into an angry person, and i just sit here waiting and hoping his door gets kicked down. Also – theres another house down the street- windows all blacked out, atleast 3 propane tanks with a red rust on top behind the house, dog inside all day and night. –its so awful im looking to move – just dont want to move – and have the same thing happen, i dont know about all of you but this shit has ruined my life, now where ever i go i’ll always be paranoid someones cooking meth near my house. We should all create a meth free zone- buy off a damn street somewhere , theres no escaping these m***er f****rs by reading your posts…very sickening these meth cookers deserve prison for life.

    • Stephanie August 3, 2015, 4:30 am

      Amanada , I can so relate I lost my mom & grandma 9 months to the day. And we also were under Construction. Last summer now this summer I have been really sick & my 4 legged kids & my husband 2. I asked for extra patrol both times. But this time The officer new the people and wanted to do a knock. In the mean time the EVA people have been there. For burning & I am Not the only people that live by them Not to mention they have let’s just say not so many friends. Well She sends me a texts letting me know she is going to be returning some favors for all the visitors. I responded was who is this & what are you talking about. Due 2 I was always told she didn’t have my #. Then her Husband flies in with his truck & trailer almost flips in into my flower bed on 2 wheels at me and my puppy. I just stood in my yard. I informed the person who did the knock I didn’t ask for And was told 2 Not call anyone they invited them in that they aren’t doing anything wrong. I said I never said they were in the house Now did I . He also informed me if I called anyone else they were trying to get me for harassing them. When was the one who wanted 2 do it. It kills me All these signs of if you live by 1 & Some how I am Now High alert. They have been gone a lot laterly in & out. Who knows I know this. I wouldn’t wish on anybody. And I have tried to be a Good neighbor Mow there grass & ya know do neighborly things But this is NOT Normal. So all I can do is pray about it & pray know God is in Control.

      I am sorry I know I wrote you a book. These Cookers think they can out smart everyone. In this case her dad has some money. Ad his name is somwhat a Good name He is A Good guy. But her & her Husband Whole new Ball game. We should all get a support group & let people know when these people come in our neighbor hoods where we have worked 4 everything . I am a 5ft White woman I still have my husband believing I am 21. We don”t need No More added stress.

      Thank you all for taking time 2 read this feel free 2 e-nail & I will be praying 4 all of & them 2

      God Bless,

    • Jason R November 14, 2016, 6:04 am

      This is so horrible,ruining lives,our health. If you happen to be hypersensitive to chemicals,my case, it’s a death sentence if you don’t remove yourself. All I can say is move even if you think you can’t,your life is at stake. This stuff doesn’t just go way out of your body,it does damage that can show itself years from now. And your belongings,contaminated.

  • Jean November 10, 2012, 4:33 pm

    Amanda I feel alone too! Your fears are not unfounded, I am on my fourth move and it is going on here as well. These losers have more rights than we do it seems. I’ve had no cooperation from police or management, and now I have developed a respiratory condition that is directly linked to toxic chemical inhalation. I have invested money and health issues , not to mention psychological distress in the period of time that I have been subjected to these crank head losers and their money making poison profits. I have more anger than I have ever had in my life. My sleep deprivation has taken a toll on me , and waking up choking from the stench of meth being made angers me to the point of despair. I am paranoid with good reason , but haven’t a clue where to move next. These criminals are now using apartments in the senior communities with decoys who rent the apartments that end up being used by cooks. In this way they feel they are less suspicious . But the idiots should know that no matter where they go their rotten stench gives them away. My daughter called me the other day horrified after hearing that somewhere in the midwest meth was being made in a nursing home!! Most likely by the employees themselves. Janitors in large apt complexes have also been known to have access to vacant apts and machinery rooms where they also are getting a nice cut of income while being on the premises and cooking at the same time.
    I’ve heard that pressure cookers are being used to make meth. I do believe this as in the apt above me I can hear a blast of air being released and a smell that burns my lungs, eyes, skin, throat and nose,not to mention the nausea .

    I feel hopeless and distraught with limited finances to once again move to another unsure location. They are just about everywhere. like cockroaches that are resistant to extermination . Even when they are arrested they are out on bail the very next day.

    I fear the future, as it seems hopeless in this respect. All I can say is that I wish health, peace and clean air once again to all involved in this hell as victims . Take care.

    • Croft Sensei September 1, 2016, 7:17 am

      Yea, I have been (not currently) running a martial arts school since june 02…incredibly I helped some friends out. I have no fear because I just don’t CLING to life. Unbeleivable how unconcerned and inconcequential (i spell that right?) people are. I still can’t catch the science. My friends say I’m crazy but I’m chemical sensetive from the war. I drink a bit so it’s hard to convince some that I’m a bit well studied and well read…however, WE know what we smell, I mean if a good sense of smell and what have you…just know I may be loosing my vision from the same incident. Talked to a friend and they said “well, I don’t know what to tell you”…now getting creepy crack/ ,meth itchy feelings like scabies all over my body because they don’t work…… chain smoke as a cover up and won’t stop EVER…..LUV YOU for listening and hope you believe me….ITS METH…please save me

  • Tired of drug heads December 16, 2012, 1:51 am

    I live in a suburb of Illinois and they seem to have everyone being paid. Its sodom and gomarrah. Its like living in a once middle class city that is now filled with incest. These people are on the top of the list for HIV/AIDS which explains the reckless behavior of many of the people here. Drugs here is like getting candy from the store. 842 S.21st stay away from that building

  • Carri March 12, 2013, 1:50 pm

    It’s started in my building now. I started to smell wafts of it after Xmas and then in the last few weeks, it’s been so strong that meth gas shot up my vents for six hours on a Saturday night and almost killed me. I had the police here and the paramedics, but they claim they can’t find who is doing it. A few days later, I got the fire dept to come, who also claim they can’t find anything. But it mysteriously cleared up for a week after that. Although I then ended up in the ER because the effects of the gas have made me so sick. Now, it’s a week later and here it is again. My pantry smells heavily of acetone, my bathroom smells like something is burning. And there is some kind of meth gas and other fumes coming up my heating vents. I’m very physically ill from it. And I do have a cat that I’m worried about. I don’t think I’m going live to move out if this keeps up. I’m really being poisoned.

    The manager tried to say I’m hallucinating the gas since I’m the only one reporting it. But the ER docs found my entire chest cavity was inflamed from it and I was having deep bronchial spasms from it. They were even worried I might have a blood clot in my lungs from it.

    I’m trying to get out of this building, but I’m low income and they are giving me a hard time on a transfer. I don’t know who else to report this to since the fire dept is insisting the building is clean and the police won’t do anything without a specific apartment to go to. I don’t know if it’s under me or one over and under me or what. Just that it’s here and I’m getting really sick from it.

  • JAMES March 23, 2013, 2:20 am

    Reading through your comments ,I find all to famliar stories,about police not careing & laughing it off, I have come to the conclusion that its just bad buisness to take out the main supplier when you can make more money on the users through the court systems opposed to an expensive hazmat clean up it all makes sense to me now. my blessings to you all ! P.S. GET GOOD FIRE AND THEFT INSURANCE, I did. james tooele ut.

  • Lisa K. April 1, 2013, 9:39 pm

    I finally figured out what was making me sick, my drug addicted bad neighbors! In this old building in this college town I have rented for over 12 years, trying to move unsuccessfully for over nine years, with weird things happening every time I tried! I was experiencing heart breaking injustice so I was not thinking my neighbors drug fumes were contributing to my extreme sadness but they were. I found out and started to fight with the help of the management, police were never any help, weird hunh? Then one drug addict would finally leave and ANOTHER move in, I complained,…the manager said “It’s not me”, then who was it? owner, drug user gang,…??Finally all the other three apartments came up vacant and a new manager was hired, I really thought it was going to change, but they were not switching out the dry wall, something was wrong, they put three households of at least two drug addicted ex-cons in with me where we all share the same air! In between avoiding drug fumes, writing complaint letters, being sick,..I am trying to move again. the address to avoid until the real problem is addressed is 2203 Mt. Olivet Rd #2,3 & 4! I’m taking this personally and actually think it
    s an attack stemming from past injustice in these Kalamazoo, MI courts. I was invited to this miserable sexist pig town by scholarship and look what they are doing and you know only the tip of the iceberg! Drug addicted ex-cons! OMG! warning!

    P.S. I’m not their only victim!

  • kathy miller April 13, 2013, 7:32 pm

    There is a meth lab close to my house. Not only do the police not want to do anything about it, they admitted they are aware of the drug dealing and the chop shop they have there. They also burn fires outside almost all night every night. And the cars and people that come and go, sometimes as many as 40 people at once and the cars and pickup trucks come night and day. They unload these big black trash bags from the pickups bring them in the storage area, load up others and leave. They also bury a lot of stuff. I am sure they don’t want to bust them as they cannot afford the clean up. So goes the American dream. Oh, just for some fresh clean air…how I would like that.

  • gen low May 19, 2013, 8:41 pm

    Glad (not really) to see there are others in this boat with me. I live in a duplex in Georgia. Had a new neighbor move in the empty unit adjacent to me. Her second night there it was obvious she was dealing something. I could smell it in my bedroom closet! I called the cops that night. They were nice enough to send out UNIFORMED officers. One was a real jerk and said he couldn’t smell anything but my vanilla plug ins. The other one said she smelled it very strongly and that it was marijuana. That was two months ago. Landlord won’t kick her out because he’s afraid of her suing him! I’ve talked to the drug task force. They say they are doing something. Though I don’t see any evidence. They did come into my place one night, though, and did confirm that there is marijuana there. However, I thought she was smoking and dealing. The said what I’m smelling is “green marijuana”. When I asked what that is, they told me it’s fresh, not smoked. However, still nothing. Now, because of that strong oder and now smelling rubbing alcohol, I wonder if there is meth involved, too. I’ve had to sleep on my couch for two months. My bedroom door stays closed and I don’t go in there because the smell is literally nauseating and breath taking. Often you can smell things as soon as you walk in my front door. Last night a friend of mine came over and she couldn’t believe how bad the smell was. I’m apparently allergic to whatever she has over there. When I come home, I start feeling lousy shortly after. Sinuses gunk up, head hurts, throat hurts. Can’t run my ac more than just a few minutes because it just circulates the smell even more. Last night I turned the ac on. After a few minutes I realized my eyes where burning real bad, then they started watering like crazy. It looked like I was crying! My neighbor has now added a very large, very vicious pit bull to her house. I’ve had 3 attempted break ins into my place since she’s been living here. I’m actively looking for another place to live. Makes me angry though that I have to wipe out my savings to move because of her! The cops even told me that the laws are written to protect the criminal!

    • shell November 13, 2015, 7:07 am

      I’m having so much of the same problems as you and many others mentioned, but yours stood out to me bc of the closet smell which my apt had when I moved in! Marijuana smell (esp fresh) will not make you sick, so it has to be something else. Did you ever find out what it is? I’m sleeping on my couch bc of it

  • sharon May 23, 2013, 11:19 pm

    Jonestown texas has had meth labs in the trailer parks etc since I came here from Arizona in 2001. Police dont seem to do nothing at all about it. It’s a haven. Very Obvious the people run the town.

  • TOM FEWYA July 25, 2013, 3:58 pm

    If the police and or fire marshall refuse to do anything about it you have quite a few options , here are some examples .
    1 . You can move . ( not a fair option mind you .)
    2. You can call the county sheriff . ( As long as thier not in on it .)
    3. You can call the state narcotics enforcement task force .
    4. You Can call the D.E.A. . (877)-792-2873
    5. You can call the U.S. Marshal’s Office (202) 307-9100
    6. Get a petition started to have the city evict them .
    Make sure that you have record that you have records that you have called ( phone bills , recordings , video , audio ) and made every possible attempt to let the authoritys handle the situation and gave them every oppritunity to do thier job before you even think about the last resort witch will leave us to thinking hard about this . they say they have a war on drugs . Para bellum ( make ready for war )


    Rest of content unavailable because life threatening recommendations can not be accepted on this website.

  • sleep deprived September 7, 2013, 6:51 am

    I’m not sure what I’m dealing with recently moved into a apartment and my neighbor above me use excessive amounts of water at night he turns it on then off constantly and I hear waterr poured down the pipes then a constant knocking noise this went on for 8 hrs or more I got ten hrs of sleep in three days, I recently paid a little more attention and it sounds like he’s filling jugs with water swishing it around with something in it then pouriaatng it down the drain I haven’t been here a month yet and its driving me crazy…complex maint says its the pipes but when there gone is when. it happens and late night I called local police and told ask to speak with narc. Officer told him about what I’m experincing he said talk to the building manager but it seems their in on it.but my symptons is dizziness,light headed, balance is off, toes numb and tingling, the corners of my mouth crack, eyes irritated, tongue raw…can anyone help…there is also the possiblity of mold because all the roofs are being repaired…I think both…I haven’t smelled anything because he’s above me…I am going to move as soon as possible because I don’t want this fight

  • jef August 14, 2014, 4:24 am

    looking at this tonight because a Ammonia smell has me up every night.called the epa they told me call the cops I did.the cops were all around here today checking houses and talking to people.
    albq nm

  • saloh September 7, 2014, 4:32 am

    Same story in many ways. Wish the “take care of it yourself” comment was still intact. I might go there. They have hurt my health and the health of my animals and I wish to hell they would blow themselves up. But I don’t have anymore time to wait. The “law enforcement” around here is a joke when it comes to meth labs. Did they get paid off? Can’t help but wonder; with obvious signs for weeks and months of meth activity next door. I am sick and suffocating in their fumes and they are being protected. The officials in this town, the people, no one wants to talk about a “meth problem”, until it becomes YOUR problem. The meth consultant who came to my house agreed with me. Delaware, OH

  • DragonSword October 24, 2014, 9:43 pm

    Not sure if I’ll get replied to or not, but my neighbors in the apartment next to me have been acting strange.

    Over the past month there has been a smell like cleaning supplies. Extremely strong and I’ve been having a sore throat when this happens. The smell has been on and off for most of the past month.

    Neighbor below me has windows blackened out with extremely thick grey sheets and some kind of residue on the kitchen windows. Blinds are always shut.

    He seemed paranoid about me asking about the chemical smell since I saw him smoking (outside to light then he went back in) and I asked. A few days after when I was waiting for someone to pick me up, he opened and closed his door to see me.

    He was friendly when I first met him. Cool sports car (caught my attention) and said he wanted to sell it.

    He hardly ever comes and goes. Just stays there. Light is always on at night. Anywhere from a flickering blue light (TV?)

    There appears to be electrical tape of some sort on the bushes outside his back window.

    Now I’m smelling something sweet/moldy. Is it possible this is a lab or a pot farm? I told police about the chemical smell but it hasn’t been strong enough again to call them. They said they would send out a unit next time I smell the cleaning supply scent.

  • Tonya February 28, 2015, 3:01 am

    Can exposure of a meth lab nearby in the apt building you live in, cause adverse skin reactions and if so what kind of rashes?

  • Lee March 18, 2015, 6:03 pm

    How can I share this to FB group ? Good info for a situation we are having in community .

  • Lensflare March 19, 2015, 5:58 pm

    I moved into an apartment complex in 08-09, the worst, dealer apartment on the block. Had enough of the harrassment, espionage, police denial, the mob porn actresses. The cops were in on it. The feds are in on it. So I moved to another place. Well, because the federal investigators were in on it, protecting their addict/dealer veterans in the military, they complicated the matter by making it their mission to perpetuate the investigation at my new place. Gossip runs through their network, and you know it’s nothing except defamation and kidnapping/killing attempts from then on out.

    Now, 2015, stoner feds are cooking/dealing again, they deal out of the house. Smells like bleach and I’m wheezing. You know those news clips about investigating a neighbor for 7 years for undercover? Yeah well their under covers are wanted for murder worldwide, subverting the justice system. It’s fraud/entrapment, crimes under the color of law, denying civil rights for people to make reports, whistle blower retaliation. It really is a military dictatorship for some of the sober ones and a justice system for addicts on cop plantations of drug slaves. I never had this problem until the latest democratic president. Same group that caused personal injury to me several states away.

  • Nancy April 3, 2015, 6:57 am

    I believe my neighbor is making meth right now! It smells like ammonia (feels like smelling salts in my nose) I woke up at 4 am last night and couldn’t breathe. I fought for awhile to get air, then even though I could breathe, my bronchial area felt stuffed up and I couldn’t talk. (Didn’t feel at all like the laryngitis that I’ve had before) A few hours later, and a lot of time outdoors, I got my voice pretty well back. Then I took a nap and the same exact thing happened!!! Tonight it’s very bad and I keep having to take my cat with me outside to stand (about 15 feet away from the building, just to stop breathing in that stuff! I’m half hoarse and sick. My nose, eyes, and throat burn and my cat is also having difficulty breathing. This neighbor has been doing drugs for the last 2 years since I’ve moved in but nothing this bad! I had to call 911 the other night because I was having a stroke and chest pain. (I had a TIA, but the left side of my face, lips, tongue and eye still feel numb) Well I just called the cops hoping that would deter them. It did until about 15 mins after the cops left. Now they’re doing it again! I’ve smelled so many different horrible odors with her…sharpie pens, rotten cabbage, cow poop, ammonia, vinegar, white-out, modeling glue etc. Oh and she deodorizes it with a strong powdery scent thinking no one will know then. I don’t know how I’m surviving! Supposedly and hopefully she’ll be moving soon! BUT NOT SOON ENOUGH FOR ME!

  • theodore July 23, 2015, 3:43 pm

    There are too many signs that a neighbor is involved in criminal activity to list. They dispense drugs with little concern of being hampered by local police although I regularly complain to them. They have been to there house regularly to break up fights and loud parties etc. The last time I called the police and went over all the things they knew already knew about (the times they did come over and made arrests etc) I discussed invoking the nuisance law which can result in the county confiscating the property. The policeman I spoke with e encouraged me to get on with my life and mind my own business. The next morning several men appeared at the property and began the process of cleaning the yard up and bringing out massive amounts of garbage etc. Over the next month, the owner who was not occupant of the house, began an extensive purging of mattresses furniture that stacked along the sidewalk the length of his property. Daily work began and the owner came over jovial, extra friendly, explaining to my husband that he was now going to live in the house and not rent anymore. Everything calmed down. I gave up pressuring police to do something about it. Eventually the owner quit coming to the house while other vehicles continued to come over, however they were very quiet and the parties stopped. An upper window of theirs overlooks our backyard, and for several years there has been a small round glass object directed to our yard. I’ve tried to ignore it but decided to rule out the nagging feeling it was a camera lens of some kind. I took a picture of it with my phone, went into the house to look more closely at it. It only showed it was a round glass object but no details. I came out 5 min later and it was not in the window..after 5 years of looking at this thing, it was now gone. I took another picture a little later and it showed the small glass object was there although on the inside of the sheer curtain. The other side of the window was then cloudy with something like..Vaseline..or..? this was all within a 15 minute timeline. I became even more nervous and looked at the house from different angles. On the roof of the house is a vent pipe with what appears to be a garden hose coming out of it. A car comes over almost daily and leaves in the afternoon. The owner’s vehicle shows up from time to time. They are quiet and appear to keep ‘office hours’. Of course I believe this is at the very least a headquarters for a crime ring of some kind. I believe our local police are aware of it. I don’t believe I can ignore these latest events anymore although we’ve enjoyed the past 18 months of relative peace. If this is a sign of a meth lab I would like suggestions of how to proceed. Any ideas?

  • Sabrina December 8, 2015, 8:01 am

    I was trying to find out what it smells like. we have several people here in our neighborhood who are making the stuff, the smell is so bad when I walk outside my lungs start hurting , it smells like they are burning wires I try calling 911 and she gives me the runaround, we need help out here bad to clean up the problem they are making batches of this stuff 2 to 3 times a week they are going to blow the neighborhood up Plus the trafic is so bad they sit out there waiting for it to get ready and big black burn spots are in their yard . It’s just not one person making it out here I believe it’s two. Help!!!

  • Ter December 24, 2015, 6:27 pm

    There’s one in my neighborhood and the police know about it. They just tip them off when too many complaints come in, then it stops for a short time only to start up again. I left a message with the local narcotics enforcement dept. informing them and stated, ” if it’s not shut down soon i’m calling in the environmental protection agency”. I don’t know if this was a good idea but, i’m sick of it. I can’t go outside without getting sick from the chemical smell. And, if they want to mess with me I keep my 357 magnum loaded, my property is completely fenced in with “private property, no trespassing” signs. If they want to come seeking revenge, I say “bring it on”! I’ll get rid of the vermin one way or the other! And, if necessary will start making reports to every state dept. at every level I can. I have had enough!

  • feenicks February 1, 2016, 4:15 am

    I smell this wierd smell a few times a week it’s almost a Vicks vapor rub smell but not quite. I live in a four unit building. The unit below definitely smokes pot but I think the cook also. The traffic and smell is horrible. I cant breath. I have called on the pot smell but I haven’t said anything about the other because I have depression and think they will day she’s crazy. The officer in charge did ask me about traffic I told him it was horrible two tofour nights a week from ten to three a.m. I want to know if my doctor can test me for secondary exposure? If so how? I have been ill off and on for a year since I moved here. But the lungs have gotten worse in the last month and a half. Ugh.

  • Debbie March 7, 2016, 10:30 pm

    I can relate with everyone who posted. I live in Mechanicsburg, Pa. in an apartment complex off of walnut street. When we first moved in, we smelled what seemed like burnt plastic from a couple of areas in our apartment mostly early in the morning and I would open our bedroom window to ventilate. I was always so afraid of being poisoned by the fumes. I would check my kids room to make sure they weren’t having fumes coming to their room too. Their room was always fume free. So, I could tell where the fumes were coming from and was relieved that my kids never had to breath that stuff in, but many times my youngest daughter would sleep with me and my husband and she would have to smell or breath the bad fumes too. But the fumes were not chronic in our bedroom. That was a little tolerable. We knew the next door girl was smoking something strong. The whole time the next door girl was doing drugs, behold our neighbor above us was doing probably the same thing. No one, and especially management, wanted to believe her long time tenant was doing drugs.
    Now we face a much worse situation; our neighbors below us gets some roommates who do the same thing, smelly burnt plastic drugs , late at night and early morning. They move over one apartment and we get some respite from the drug fumes. Approx’ly two weeks later, a new family moves in below. I think all will be well; they the most adorable two little kids, one little boy who was just so friendly and smiling, waving bye to us when we left one day. To our surprise, they were smoking some uriney, sour smelling, cat pee smelling, sour moth ball smelling stuff. And oh, buddy, the fumes and smells, they would come up from the floor and stab my nose like a knife. And make me feel just sick to my stomache. The fumes would come up like waves, intensifying at times and the fumes seem to never decrease. Think if you were trying to relax on your couch and fumes just coming up from the floor and making you feel sick and then you move to another location to try to get relief and then the fumes come up where you moved to. The fumes go everywhere in our house. I rarely ever smell food cooking from below us, only on two occasions. One was when maintenance came by to give a pest control schedule and one when two policemen attended to some other issue at our complex.
    I have tried to let the police tell me what the smells and fumes are, but the fumes can go away just as quick as they can come. But I can smell the stinky stuff all the time. I think it is embedded into our carpet. The police will recite this story about how Indian spices smell strong and how they can be bothersome. The police will always bring up how some cultures’ spices will be cooking and how it can be mistaken for other smells. How many times they bring up that example, when people know when some kind of noxious drug fumes are being cooked instead. Finally I got some justice when my husband who has saying to be me , just calm down and not think about the sickening fumes. He got sick one evening from them and had to go to bed early. We have to open our windows in the dead of freezing winter, turn on our air conditioning set on a very cold setting, and put the heat on a very warm setting just to circulate the toxic fumes out of our apartment. Management doesn’t care and states call the police when she knows by the time they get here, the strong evidence dissipates, or they act like they can’t smell anything. We tell management that there is drug abuse, drug selling, and prostitution going on here in this complex, but she doesn’t seem to care, but cares only to collect the money for the rent. She puts on an act of caring, but I don’t think she really cares because she doesn’t have to live here. Well, I want to get my family , my kids out of here . We are all getting sick from the fumes. Today, I smelled some skunk and I am nervous of new noxious fumes, smells.

  • Marie March 12, 2016, 8:29 pm

    I have several health problems as as my mom but my dad who’s been good with not getting sick sick for forever. Since new right next door and literally next door neighbor. We’ve had two back to back respiratory infections and from there we haven’t gotten any relief. My mom has seasonal asthma, my dad doesn’t, and I have it now severely because my medicine stopped helping me. My dog even got a respiratory and he hasn’t got back to being health and I’m scared. He literally goes crazy at random times sniffing near in the hours aka parents room:( or when outside for several minutes between potty sniff than cough. Nice @ss cars with blackened Windows and other kinds as well pull up either walk in or the guy comes out with something. I’ve seen one with a black thing in his hand. We’re all allergic to cigarets and every day I have to kick them in the road away from my dog and there’s been right in the middle of my drive through a pack and fresh still lite cigarets in the grass. I don’t know what to do because I don’t want them to know I have health issues. If this is confusing I’m sorry, I’m in the middle of a health medical disorder relapse and possibly it’s going to another stage

  • Witness1 March 21, 2016, 6:58 am

    We suspect a new type of illicit drug lab or manufacturing unit was put on a rural ranch in Kapaau where they KNOW police and the county will not thoroughly investigate.

    For the past 3 nights, starting at about 8pm, and continuing for about an hour, it sounds like high pitched jack hammers without the pounding noise. It continues for about 10-15 seconds then stops for about 1-2 minutes, then repeats the cycle. Most people are not in a 2 story house so they cant hear it as well.

    What might be causing this for the past 3 nights in a row, at just about the same time every night. The drug dealers and criminals are taking over EVERYWHERE and police corruption is helping them!

  • CLC February 2, 2017, 7:00 am

    Just purchased condo and I’m surrounded by potheads and meth smokers. Hope Trump can get a handle on the drug situations in this country. e-cigarettes are poison too!

  • Loisy April 5, 2017, 3:53 pm

    What if it in and apartment keep smelling something like nail polish removal by my bedroom wall all night and all day?

  • Anonymous May 11, 2017, 6:04 am

    Who do you call if you suspect a meth lab in the neighborhood. I’ve had this smell about once a month or every three months. It varies from a very strong jet fuel odor (lighter fluid or BBQ fluid) to burned rubber and cat urine (ammonia). I called the fire department but they’re so stupid all they could do was say that smoke blanketing a 2 mile square area and suffocating nearly 10,000 people was all coming from one tiny BBQ grill in someone’s backyard… which .. if truth be known.. was probably a cover for the meth smell. So who do you call when no one will respond?

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