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Common Causes for Gastritis

woman suffering from gastritis

Do you have a burning sensation in your stomach, cramps behind your breastbone or acid regurgitation? Don’t overlook these symptoms, because untreated gastritis can lead to ulcer, a much more serious stomach condition. During gastritis the lining of the stomach gets inflamed. The lining is the main protector of the stomach wall, against acid secretions produced during digestion. Without this shield the wall is directly exposed to the action of acidic gastric juices and other substances that can irritate it. If this happens all conditions for the onset of gastric ulcer are met. This is why it’s very important to recognize main gastritis symptoms, like stomach burns and pains, in order to know how to react and avoid complications like ulcers.

Acute or Chronic Gastritis?
If there is a sudden onset we are talking about acute gastritis. In this case the condition is likely to pass as soon as it came. Chronic gastritis is long lasting and can linger for month and even years. Let’s take a closer look at both types and see the causes that trigger this stomach illness:
A. Acute Gastritis
Causes: stress, overwork, anxiety, alcohol and anti-inflammatory drugs are the main factors which lead to the inflammation of the stomach lining. Gastritis can also be caused by a disturbance of the liver, kidneys or lungs function.
Symptoms: the main symptoms of acute gastritis are:
– burns and pains in the upper part of the stomach, around the breastbone.
– bloating and a sensation of stomach fullness
– nausea and loss of appetite
– digestive hemorrhage (only in severe cases when the stomach lining is seriously irritated) – can be noticed under the form of light blood vomiting or very dark color stools
Fact: acute gastritis symptoms can get more intense after eating.

B. Chronic Gastritis
Causes: the main factor that leads to chronic gastritis is long-term use of irritant substances like alcohol, tobacco, anti-inflammatory.
Infection with the H. pylori virus, pernicious anemia and the autoimmune disease or other causes for chronic gastritis.
– sensation of burning and pain within the stomach
– occasional bleeding can lead to anemia
– sensation of weakness and difficulty in breathing (as side-effects of anemia)
Fact: chronic gastritis can unfold, for a period of time, without manifesting any symptoms, or only with a light loss of appetite.

Gastritis Prevention Tips
– Have a balanced meal table. Avoid spending too many hours with an empty stomach.
– Don’t abuse alcohol, coffee, spices and acidic foods.
– Don’t eat right before going to bed or right before a fitness session.
– Avoid prolonged stress periods. Relax every now and then.
– Avoid eating citrus fruits on an empty stomach. They come with a high risk of causing acid reactions and may lead to gastritis. Eat a sandwich before drinking your citrus fresh!
– If you have a stomach sensibility please avoid eating raw vegetables first thing in the morning. Avoid cucumber, cabbage and peppers. They could irritate your stomach lining.
– Eat breakfast before drinking coffee or black tea or else your stomach will be forced to produce gastric acid without having anything to digest.

7 Tips To Avoid Heartburn
Follow these tips and you won’t have acid reflux problems:
– include three main meals and two healthy snacks in your daily diet;
– avoid tobacco and fats and fried foods;
– serve a light dinner and finish it at least two hours before bedtime;
– don’t lie down with a full stomach, whether it’s afternoon or evening;
– avoid eating very hot or very cold food;
– chew each bite thoroughly, in order to help your digestion;
– try not to drink water during meals. It will dilute the gastric juice and your stomach will need a longer time to digest the food.

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