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Coffee’s Health Benefits

a cup of coffee

Many of us have heard of the negative effects Coffee can have on our health. Whether it is the headaches caused by the caffeine, or the stains it can leave on our teeth. Coffee has had a bad reputation for awhile, however, recent studies have been proving this idea wrong. Several studies have shown results to support the fact that Coffee actually has important health benefits. One of the most important being the reduced risk of cancer through out the body in coffee drinking enthusiasts.

One of the most recent studies in regards to the affects of Coffee have shown that those who drink an average of four or more cups a day, had a significantly lower number of cancer cases. Cancer in both the head and neck had a staggering thirty nine percent decrease in risk amongst Coffee drinkers. Cancer in the mouth and throat was also less common in those who drink coffee regularly. However, the reason behind this is highly debatable.

A professor of Medicine has commented that Coffee contains thousands of chemicals, antioxidant and otherwise, that have intense affects on the body. He has also commented that in order to accurately link the affects Coffee has on human health, more research is needed.

Other research has revealed even more intriguing results, connecting Coffee with positive effects on the memory and brain. One study has shown that individuals that drink Coffee on a regular basis, over an extended period of time, have prevented the deterioration of memory. Another study has proven that the brain, under the influence of coffee for long periods, can prevent the deterioration caused by brain disorder and even aging.

The heart is also affected by Coffee, becoming evident in the study of women who drank Coffee regularly, and had a twenty four percent reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. At the same time, researchers have found that the benefits of Coffee slowly reduce after an average of three cups a day is exceeded. As with most things, moderation is required.

For the men, there was a surprising sixty percent decrease in the risk of prostate cancer for those who drank Coffee regularly. Brain tumors have also been shown to be affected by Coffee, along with liver cancer, numbers being reduced by forty percent, thanks to its affects on enzymes.

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